December 2009

There is a really funny sketch from the UK which the Germans and most of Scandanavia watch at this time of year called Dinner for One which stars Freddie Frinton and May Warden. It’s black and white and centres around a butler who is serving a meal and alcohol to an elderly upper-class Englishwoman called Miss Sophie who is celebrating her 90th birthday with her imaginary friends who are called Mr Pommeroy, Mr Winterbottom, Sir Toby, and Admiral von Schneider.
During the meal the butler called James who is played by Freddie Frinton gets more and more drunk until in the end he is practically falling over himself. He serves Miss Sophie with her meal and alcohol then has to pretend to be the other guests and drink a toast to her after each course.
I had never heard or seen this sketch before even though it was filmed in the UK back in 1963 and stars 2 British Actors, it wasn’t until I met my German girlfriend and she told me all about it as its shown all over German TV during the Christmas period and really popular here. Even in Scandanavia they love the sketch and show it every year on TV at this time and believe me it is really funny and worth watching if you get the chance.

Well the season of goodwill is almost over for another year and I must admit this has been one of the best ever for me. I celebrated Christmas in Germany with my girlfriend and her family and everything was perfect, well almost. Ham and potato balls (knödel) for dinner (lunch) with lots of mustard, and all washed down with Sekt, which I believe is German Champagne.
Then yesterday it was my birthday, 21 again!! My beautiful girlfriend gave me a wonderful present of a bottle of Cuban Rum which is 28 years old! I haven’t opened it yet, I intend to open it when there is some special occasion, like my wedding.

The weather has been funny to. We got here to find snow everywhere and coldness, now it’s raining and warm! Talk about global warming. This part of Germany should be under mounds of snow and minus 30 temeratures, not rain and warm.
I love Christmas in Germany, lots of Christmas Markets all selling anything including homemade decorations,

So they have a plan, sort of. The US, China, India, South Africa and Brazil have all signed a deal that will, do what? You have the Ugandan Prime Minister/President saying 2 degrees will wipe Africa from the face of the earth (not his exact words but he ment something like that) and then our very own Gordon the “haggis eating” Brown saying it’s the first step, yeah backwards Mr Brown.
2 weeks and I think we have nothing set in stone as for saving the planet, or at least reducing the CO2 we pump into the air. Now they are talking about another conference in the New Year, “The Son of Copenhagen” what for? So they can eat and be merry yet again whle the rest of the world suffers?

I think everyone agrees that Global Warming is happening but how much is actually man made is open to question. Me personally think that Global Warming happens every few thousands or millions of years it’s just that this time we, man that is, is making it happen quicker with our reliance on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. We do need to do something to either stop or at least greatly reduce our carbon emissions and addiction to fossil fuels, but what can we do?

Everybody to Agree

We need everyone to agree to make changes in the way they rely and use fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions but when we have one country blaming another for poluting the air then other countries wanting more than the Billions of dollars the developed world has promised (if they stopped fighting each other and got of their arses then they wouldn’t need our money) then we are fighting a losing battle.

Stop, Think and Act Now

I think Copenhagen has been a waste of time but I bet the Politicians don’t say that. They need to stop, think and all act together now not next year otherwise the 6th mass extinction our planet has had could involve us.


I woke up this morning to more snow on the ground but not the mega deep snow I wanted, never mind!

Road to Nowhere

Still, it’s still snowing so who knows. One thing though and that this place is a very beautiful place when it snows, a little quiet but lovely.

We have a Christmas tree in the village every year at Christmas time and it’s always a beautiful tree, mind you it should be, I am surrounded by them here in Sweden!!


Christmas Tree in the village

They have a word here in Sweden that, to me means a drink but in Sweden it means room. That word is RUM:

Rum To Rent

There is a cafe in the village that has just been reopened this year. It used to be a very busy place but shut down a number of years ago but now someone has restored it to its former glory. We get a lot of German, Danish, Dutch AND Swedish tourists here and the surrounding area during the summer so I hope they manage to stay afloat.

Yep finally it is snowing here in Southern Sweden. All day we have had the white stuff and I am glad…..for now.

Sweden can be a cold place!

I will take more pictures tomorrow when it’s light, hopefully it will be mega deep by then! Meanwhile the house in the picture is where I live when in Sweden. It’s a 300 year old house and started life as a bakery. Over the years it has had some alterations done to it including a bigger living room and a spare bedroom and shed attached to it. We didn’t do it rather it was the previous owner. He seemed to have done a good job but now things are not quite what they appear and it seems he fixed it “to get a quick sale” and scarper. Still we intend to restore it and use it as offten as we can.

I have always wanted to write a blog and after a few false starts here I am, again trying to write one. I hope to write about lots of things from my writing to the weather in Sweden and things that I am passionate about like environmental issues and global warming.

Anyway thanks for looking in on my little corner of the net, why not say hello.

Who Am I?

My name is Anthony and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am soon to be 44 years old (Dec 27th) and spend a lot of my time either back in Blighty (England) Sweden or Germany. At the moment I am in Sweden where my girlfriend has a summer house which I am helping to renovate. It’s in the middle of nowhere in a village 30 kilometres from a town called Växjo. I love it there as it’s so quiet and peaceful although it can get to you at times!

I am a freelance writer so the quiet and tranquel place is perfect to write. I write anything from Autobiographies to Website Content and anything in between so if you are looking for a professional writer then try me. I write under my own name but also a pen name which is Wayne Anthony and I have a website It’s only a small website at the moment but I hope to expand it some time next year.

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