I have always wanted to write a blog and after a few false starts here I am, again trying to write one. I hope to write about lots of things from my writing to the weather in Sweden and things that I am passionate about like environmental issues and global warming.

Anyway thanks for looking in on my little corner of the net, why not say hello.

Who Am I?

My name is Anthony and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am soon to be 44 years old (Dec 27th) and spend a lot of my time either back in Blighty (England) Sweden or Germany. At the moment I am in Sweden where my girlfriend has a summer house which I am helping to renovate. It’s in the middle of nowhere in a village 30 kilometres from a town called Växjo. I love it there as it’s so quiet and peaceful although it can get to you at times!

I am a freelance writer so the quiet and tranquel place is perfect to write. I write anything from Autobiographies to Website Content and anything in between so if you are looking for a professional writer then try me. I write under my own name but also a pen name which is Wayne Anthony and I have a website www.wayne-anthony.net It’s only a small website at the moment but I hope to expand it some time next year.

I am on Twitter (@WriterOfTales) and Facebook (Wayne Anthony) so why not add or follow me you never know I might say something useful!