I woke up this morning to more snow on the ground but not the mega deep snow I wanted, never mind!

Road to Nowhere

Still, it’s still snowing so who knows. One thing though and that this place is a very beautiful place when it snows, a little quiet but lovely.

We have a Christmas tree in the village every year at Christmas time and it’s always a beautiful tree, mind you it should be, I am surrounded by them here in Sweden!!


Christmas Tree in the village

They have a word here in Sweden that, to me means a drink but in Sweden it means room. That word is RUM:

Rum To Rent

There is a cafe in the village that has just been reopened this year. It used to be a very busy place but shut down a number of years ago but now someone has restored it to its former glory. We get a lot of German, Danish, Dutch AND Swedish tourists here and the surrounding area during the summer so I hope they manage to stay afloat.