I think everyone agrees that Global Warming is happening but how much is actually man made is open to question. Me personally think that Global Warming happens every few thousands or millions of years it’s just that this time we, man that is, is making it happen quicker with our reliance on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. We do need to do something to either stop or at least greatly reduce our carbon emissions and addiction to fossil fuels, but what can we do?

Everybody to Agree

We need everyone to agree to make changes in the way they rely and use fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions but when we have one country blaming another for poluting the air then other countries wanting more than the Billions of dollars the developed world has promised (if they stopped fighting each other and got of their arses then they wouldn’t need our money) then we are fighting a losing battle.

Stop, Think and Act Now

I think Copenhagen has been a waste of time but I bet the Politicians don’t say that. They need to stop, think and all act together now not next year otherwise the 6th mass extinction our planet has had could involve us.