Well the season of goodwill is almost over for another year and I must admit this has been one of the best ever for me. I celebrated Christmas in Germany with my girlfriend and her family and everything was perfect, well almost. Ham and potato balls (knödel) for dinner (lunch) with lots of mustard, and all washed down with Sekt, which I believe is German Champagne.
Then yesterday it was my birthday, 21 again!! My beautiful girlfriend gave me a wonderful present of a bottle of Cuban Rum which is 28 years old! I haven’t opened it yet, I intend to open it when there is some special occasion, like my wedding.

The weather has been funny to. We got here to find snow everywhere and coldness, now it’s raining and warm! Talk about global warming. This part of Germany should be under mounds of snow and minus 30 temeratures, not rain and warm.
I love Christmas in Germany, lots of Christmas Markets all selling anything including homemade decorations,