Yes I made it home, just! Originally we should have travelled back to Sweden on the 4th but my girlfriend “broke the car.” She went to check the oil and not only pulled out the dipstick but also the housing it was in as well! Luckily there is a garage around the corner so we had to take it there and they fixed it.
That meant we had to cancel the boat from Rostock to Trelleborg for the 4th of Jan and rebook it for the 5th. We managed to get there, Rostock that is in one piece. It never ceases to amaze me with the “other half.” There were 5 of us in the car and a mountain of stuff to take back, it’s a wonder the suspension didn’t give way! In fact when we were boarding the ship in Rostock something under the car violently rubbed against the ramp making us all jump and me very, very twitchy. Luckily nothing had fallen or been dragged off.

No Cabin This TIme

We usually have a cabin for the 6 hour trip whether it’s going to Germany or going back to Sweden, but they (the ferry company) wanted 50 Euros for a cabin because, they say the ship (Robin Hood) was a better class of ship! So, we decided to watch TV in the restaurant which I am glad we did as the ship was almost empty. 5 cars and about the same in trucks so we had the ship almost to ourselves.
While we were waiting to sail back to Sweden we took some pictures of the harbour. The sea was frozen in places and really amazed me as I have never seen the sea frozen before!!

Ice on the sea in Rostock

Passing Ships

Anyway we made it back to Sweden to be confronted by falling snow. For the last 3 weeks all I have seen is the white stuff and I am fed up with it right now! We struggled on and I got my car which wouldn’t start after being in the frozen Scandinavian weather for 2 weeks so we jumped it, filled her up (Betty is her name after Betty in the Flintstones!) and I slowly drove northwards back home. It was a crawl to as the snow fell heavier and heavier the further north I went. I was only driving 200 kilometres but they felt like 2000. I finally got home in the early hours to a house that was colder inside than out.