I unpacked the car in the driving snow and put the heating on in the house. God it was cold and that was the inside of the house!
I decided to sleep on the sofa that night as the bedroom was so cold it burnt your nose when you breathed so with a hot coffee and Sky News on the TV I drifted off to sleep.
I awoke next morning to a nice warm living room and started getting the house sorted out and unpacking. I plugged in the water pump and nothing apart from a high pitch noise. I unplugged it and tried again. Same noise. Shit the pipes and pump were frozen. A quick recce of the house revealed that the tap in the kitchen had also frozen open and I couldn’t close it not even with hot water. I stuck a heater in the pump room and left it to warm up. In the meantime I noticed a mouse had enjoyed a bag of flour that I had left on the kitchen table. Now I love animals but can’t have any living inside the house with me, not mice anyway. I cleaned up the table and finally found and despatched the foe and setting up traps for any more that had set up home in my house while I was away. The temperature outside was minus 6.4 during the day and with the windchill that made the overall temp of minus 20! The snow was still falling slowly but it was only about 30cms deep. Deep enough if you live in the UK or other places that “shuts down” at the first snow flake but here 30cms is nowt.

Nothing but snow, trees and quietness everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere.

When the pump room had finally defrosted it spawned a few other shocks for me, not least burst pipes. The pump room was starting to get a nice amount of water on the floor from 2 burst pipes and the loo had another. Under the sink in the bathroom was another so I turned off the water and wondered what to do next.
Luckily for me the guy across the road worked with pumps and all things mechanical so after asking him he came over and within 2 days I was no longer swimming in water! Looking back it serves me right for the leaks as the pipes are not insulated, so I intend to do that shortly. In the meantime I make sure the pump room and kitchen have enough heat 24/7 in order to stop the pipes freezing again. The only problem with that is that electricity prices here in Sweden are extortionate but there is nothing I can do.

Snowy Morning

So here it is, the 14th of January 2010 and already I have had my fair share of problems, but I survived to fight another day. I am continuing my writing in between keeping warm and repairing this lovely old house, I am even in the process of writing a number of E-books, should be fun!

Deathly Quiet