I woke up this morning to a rather chilly minus 20, rather cold espicially in the living room! As it’s Sunday I decided to do some baking. I make my own bread and cakes and wanted to spend the day doing just that, instead I have spent most of the day trying to unfreeze the pipes under the kitchen sink, again. I knew it was going to be cold last night but never put any heaters in the kitchen and the pipes froze. I managed to make bread and pitta’s as well as an apple crumble too which I can’t wait to devour, I love apple pies and crumbles.

I noticed recently that there is damp in the bedroom. Well when I checked yesterday I noticed that that small patch was now all along the wall and went behind the wardrobe, not good. On the outside the wood is rotten and damaged but I have had to leave it as it’s so cold at the moment plus money is a little problem, still it’s on my list of things to do URGENTLY.
I also wanted to write today but at the moment I think that will have to wait. Instead this will have to suffice.

We have noticed lately that the deer are getting closer to the house and have tried to eat the leaves of the bush in the garden. There has been snow around here since the middle of December so I guess they are pretty hungry now and are looking for food. I haven’t seen any deer this year but the prints are everywhere in the garden, along with this print:

We think this is a large cat print taken nearby

We think this is a large cat which frerquents the area, in fact in a village nearby there have been 15 sightings or tracks found in the snow, maybe it’s one of them? I have forgotten the name of the cat in question but I will look it up and post it later on.

Who ever said life was easy wants to spend time here!!