I am sat here in my little old house, it’s minus 6 outside but because there’s a stiff North wind blowing it makes it minus 12 with the windchill, I have an oil filled heater at the side of me as we don’t have central heating in this 300 year old house and my damn fingers are freezing and making it hard to write!!

When I was a kid I remember the windows all having a coating of ice on them in winter as there was no such thing as central heating and double glazed windows. The warmest place in the house was either the kitchen if my mum was cooking or the living room which had a coal fire. I remember trying to light it one day when I was a kid and ended up setting fire to the rug! God I got walloped for that!

Well we have double glazed windows in the house here but no central heating. Instead we have wall heaters and some oil filled ones which are mobile so I can put them around the house if I want. Thing is the prices for electricity are ridicious here in Sweden, the last bill for the month of Jan was over 200 quid! And that was for a month, the robbing bastards. Wouldn’t be so bad if I had heating in all the rooms but I don’t! During the day it’s the living room that has heating on then at night the bedroom, in between I put the heating on in the bathroom as I don’t want to get out of the shower into a freezing cold room!! I mean would you??

I just can’t wait for spring now. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate for the winter like a bear can, but I can’t I have to grin and bear it! I was thinking earlier, I have had snow on the ground since the 15th of December!!! Last time I saw snow for that long was when I was a kid! Should I blame it on Global Warming??

Anyway rant over with, another coffee is on the cards then a quick warm of my pinkies then back to writing.

It’s a hard life for us writers!!!