March 2010

I was at the station a couple of weeks ago picking the boss up and this train came into the station from Stockholm.

A really hard, cold winter

Glad I wasn't in the last carriage!

As for the snow around the house and surrounding area, well it has finally all but gone, into my cellar!! Today it is PLUS 10!! The sun is trying to break through and it is quite warm. I haven’t felt that warm in the sun since September last year!!

As for the cellar. Well I have a flooded cellar. At the moment about 40cms of water is left but I am trying to pump it out…

Damn snow!

Well the snow has gone, into my cellar!

I have just had another article accepted on Ezine Articles and it will be on their Featured list soon.

In the meantime heres the link:


As Featured On EzineArticles

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As Featured On EzineArticles

Earth Hour is on the 27th of March 2010 so why not sign up now and show your support?

WWF Earth Hour.

When I met Kathrin she had a dog named Texas. But no ordinary dog! This dog thought he was human. He slept on a leather sofa, ate from the table (mostly stole the food but he was so big you couldn’t do owt!) he wore glasses and even dressed up! He was a lovely dog and we seemed to hit it off straight away when we met. He was a cross St Bernard/Great Dane and was HUGE. Not the biggest in the world but pretty close.

Anyway last summer I looked after him for a while when Kathrin had to go away and just before she left we noticed a problem with one of his legs. Anyway it seemed to get worse and when she came back he had a lump around the ankle on his leg. We took him to a vet who suggested we take him for a xray and it was then that we found out he had a tumour. he was already 6 years old and old by his standards, the vet said that it wouldn’t be wise to operate as, well, he might not make it.

To cut a long story short he passed away in October of 2009. I was in the UK when I found out and heartbroken. Even though he wasn’t my dog we seemed to have a good rapport with one another. He was always glad to see me as I was him when he visited, I spoilt him (don’t tell Kathrin!) And really loved the big guy, and those few short years we knew one another I loved him as if he was my dog.

Anyway Kathrin’s daughter has sent me this link which is a video on YouTube. Please go view it as it’s brilliant and a fitting tribute to the big guy.

Texas Video

Texas, born 10/10/02-09/10/09.

Texas if you are watching, it was a pleasure knowing you and looking after you. I hope you like the tribute mate.

I have just written an article for Ezine Articles which has got me the “Expert Author” badge and will be on their “Featured” page within 48 hours, wow talk about being chuffed!! Thanks Ezine Articles.

As Featured On EzineArticles

The article in question is here.

As Featured On EzineArticles

Now the hard work starts as I will have to make sure all my articles are top drawer.

I have a new article available on Triond about using NRT’s when stopping smoking:

Stop Smoking Using Nrt’s – But Which One? | Healthmad.

stop smoking using nrts

Stub it Out!

Just subscribed to Scribd so why not check out my profile. I will upload some of my work shortly.


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