Did we enjoy the Olympics, I did? In fact I loved it. The Vancouver Winter Olympics was the first time I have really watched those games and I really enjoyed it. I stayed up way into the early hours to watch those Olympians partake in some gruelling events like the biathlon, Ski Jumping (you need to have more than a sandwich short of a picnic to jump of that hill!) snowboarding, skiing and how can we forget the Curling, tobogganing and the Ice Hockey. Well done Canada on beating the Americans to win gold, I really enjoyed the match and to be honest it has got me hooked on ice hockey now. Last night’s final was end to end and some really brutal and bone numbing maneuvers by both teams, was that legal?? Whatever it was I loved it and am already having Olympic withdrawal symptoms!

I am surprised too that the Germans won so many medals.  I never realised they were a winter sports country but as was pointed out to me by my very bright, and German girlfriend that in Bavaria where a lot of the athletes come from they are born with ski’s on their feet so it’s no wonder they won so many medals. Anyway as much as it pains me (I haven’t heard the last of it my Frau keeps telling me!) congrats to the German team.

Sweden, well they won a few medals too but not sure if they expected to win more. They did well in the biathlon and tournaments like that, oh and the curling I think (which we were expected to win gold, yeah right!) So well done to them too.

As for us Brits, well we won the 1 gold medal but alas no more but it’s the taking part that matters isn’t it? I congratulate all athletes and in particular the Brits on a great show BUT, why the hell did you allow a country in the Southern hemisphere who has never had any snow and are, right at this minute basking in plus 30 degree heat beat you in the medals table? I am talking about Australia, a country not renowned for winter sports and a country who finished higher than us Brits in the medal chart! Now that is embarrassing! The Aussies, great bunch of Sheilas they are too are itching to beat us Brits at every chance, and I bet they are gloating this morning too!!! All I can say is bring on the Ashes we’ll show you whose boss then…..I hope!!

Anyway well done Australia too for doing so well.

I loved the Olympics in Vancouver it really was a spectacular event, it has me hooked on ice hockey now and waiting with bated breath for the games in Russia. Do you think we could win a few more medals then guys n gals, if only to beat the Aussies?!!!