Here is a small snippet from the E-book I am writing about Easter. It is almost finished now and should be available for purchase at the end of this week, that is 1 week earlier than first advertised.

Easter Time


Traditional Easter Recipes

In the UK Easter is a very happy and joyous time with lots of presents being handed out including Easter eggs, but it’s the food the Brits eat that makes Easter special. Hot cross buns, lamb and mint sauce, Simnel cake, ummm nice, my mouth is watering now!

But it’s not just the Brits who eat wholeheartedly at Easter, the Americans, Germans AND Swedes all like their food around Easter time and indulge in a bit of tradition food wise, and the aim of this eBook is to give an insight into those foods with the aid of some fantastic recipes anyone can try.

But before we go further into the book lets not forget the main reason Easter is celebrated.

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian festival today. Easter is a time when Christians mark the end of Lent and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I hope people will be interested in such great, traditional recipes and buy the e-book, it will be worth it trust me!