Well here I am writing once again writing with cold hands!

When I started this blog I never intended it to be about the weather but that’s the way it seems to be going. I can’t help it! To tell you the truth there’s not a lot going on where I live unless I give you all an account of the rush hour we have here, all 5 cars of it!

Maybe a post about a day in my life:

Get up about 4:30

Coffee and cigarette

TV and computer/check mails

Coffee and smoke




Coffee and smoke

Write (Mostly with cowd hands)

Coffee and smoke

Coffee and smoke

Coffee and smoke

I think you know where it’s going don’t you? Yes in the bin! And yes I drink too much coffee and smoke too many cigarettes just ask the better half. Well you could if she were here but she is in Gay Paree with her mum! She loves France and Paris (she studied there I believe) but why she is there with her mum and not me, well that’s another loooong story!

So instead I am here in the middle of nowhere writing with cold mitts again! It’s been cold for what seems like an eternity here and the other day the snow started melting but the weather had other ideas. Now its freezing (minus 2, windchill minus 6) and tonight it should be a bone numbing minus 15 with the windchill. Thats nowt, Saturday night it’s supposed to be minus 27 with the windchill! Oh god now where’s the sun? Thing is it’s been shining but made little difference and isn’t melting anything, why? Well the wind is coming from the north, Arctic north so it’s bloody freezin!

As for my fingers. Well they are cold, freezing and need warming up. Now why isn’t that damned heater switched on? Oh yeah maybe if I plug it in first…..