I was asked a few days ago for some pictures of round where I live. Now I already had some on here but I have taken 1 or 2 more and found some from last week which I want to share with you.

Where's the road gone?

Driving in winter here in Sweden can be a dangerous thing. One night the guy opposite me put his car in the ditch across the road and a farmer helped him out, THEN 2 days later he put it in another ditch nearby!! Laugh I nearly choked on my peanuts when I drove past his snow-covered car on my home from getting supplies! It’s a pity I didn’t take my camera with me.

Through the woods

Those 2 were taken last week I think!

It won't melt!

Yesterday the sun was shining and the gentle breeze was from the south-west and it felt warm. So warm in fact I was writing in the garden with just a t-shirt on. Usually you go out dressed up like an Eskimo!

I Love to Cook

I love cooking and baking, I bake my own breads, cakes and biscuits as you can see.

1 afternoon's baking

Homemade bread tastes and smells delicious

I did these last Friday, bread, pitta’s biscuits and a plum-cake. The pitta are a mixture of cheese and plain. Lightly toasted they are stunning especially for breakfast.

Well you can see I am kept busy. In between writing for a living I cook and bake, clean and wash and even find time to take some pictures!!

Hope you like em.