Yep it’s true I’m afraid, the rumours are right on the social networking websites, and when the press get a hold of it they will have a field day. What is it I hear you ask that has got the whole world and internet buzzing and whispering my name? Well, LOL

Little old me has written a book!

I have been writing it since January this year and I can tell you it’s not been easy but with grit and determination my first book is, or rather, soon will be available to download. Yep it’s an e-book and full of interesting things that you will want to know about and then a few more pages thrown in for good measure, some pages have excellent pictures on them, all taken by my wonderful Kathrin and her daughter Annika. That alone is worth checking out trust me.

Oh sorry you want to know what it’s about!

Well I wrote an e-book about Easter, traditions, customs and more importantly recipes from around Europe, well the UK, Germany and Sweden to be exact. 20 odd pages of fascinating facts about why we celebrate Easter (I hope I got that bit right or I could be blackballed) then a few recipes which are bound to get your taste buds drooling at the prospect of celebrating Easter a little differently this year.

Yep I wrote myself a small and compact e-book (isn’t small and compact the best, Kathrin says so anyway!!) and I will shortly have it for sale on my website. Everyone is welcome to pay my site a visit and have a gander around, hell you can even buy it if you want.

I’m just writing the sales pitch for it then it will be on there for all the world to buy, God I wish you would all buy it, if not then most of you will do!

The websites here and the page to buy my book will be here so go visit.