Sorry but I don’t have an addiction to drugs apart from smoking and caffeine, it’s just that I have an addiction to a small and simple game from the 1990’s!

A long time ago in a living room far far away a man stared intently at his computer monitor and frowned…

Years ago I used to play a small and simple game on the pc called Same Game. The idea of the game is to line up the same coloured blocks and then click on them for points. The more blocks you have of the same colour lined up the more points you get. Simple eh? Wrong! I played and played this game until my fingers were red and blistered, well maybe not that brutal but I think you get the jist. I recently remembered about it and downloaded it and yes, once again I am hooked.

Very Addictive!

When I am supposed to be working I find myself opening up this game and having “1/2 hour.” Thing is 1/2  hour turns into 2 or 3 hours!!

Ikuo Hirohata if you are reading this, when you invented this game you don’t know what you created!!!The game itself is only a tiny game and download (26Kb)  In fact if you have an old 386 pc lying around with Windows 3 on it, it will quite happily play this!

So I was wondering does anyone else play any small and simple “retro” games on their pc, or other app?

Has anyone played this before?

Do you think it’s addictive?

What else do you find addictive?

Heres the link for The Same Game