I love being outdoors. The great outdoors. In the woods or in the countryside with just me for company. I am fortunate enough to be living in the middle of nowhere at the moment and, for the most part I love it.

The hills have eyes

Still in their winter browns

When I was a kid me my dad and dog used to go for long walks in the countryside. He loved animals and birds and we used to go birdwatching in them there hills for hours on end. But as I grew up and started work, joined the forces then left and had a family, going out into the fresh air and reliving my childhood seemed as distant a memory as it was a thought.

That was until early 2007. At the time I wasn’t well although I didn’t know it yet. Not physically unwell more mentally (depression.) I had had 2 previous bouts of depression and it has a unique knack of creeping up on you from behind and ambushing you before you know what has happened, and I was heading headlong into oblivion once again only I didn’t know it, yet.
Anyway one day I was thinking about the past and how me and my dad used to go for walks and decided to “go for it.” So in early February 2007 I packed a bag with butties and flask of coffee and wondered off into the wilderness armed with my digital camera.

Wayne Anthony freelance writer

Left or right

The weather was great that day in February. The sun was shining and there was no sign of any frost on the ground but the grass and heather looked bleak in their winter browns all around me as I walked. All was peaceful and quiet apart from the odd animal or bird call and I felt at peace with myself. I walked and walked up past the old quarries where it seems they dug out stone, probably to build the stone houses around where I live. Past the large reservoirs which dotted the landscape, their water cold and uninviting as I walked past taking pictures.

the Easter Book

So calm and beautiful

I love walking

The early morning sun

Oh yes I so loved reliving those memories with my dad and dog.

Wayne Anthony Freelance Writer

Road to nowhere

Wayne Anthony

Which Way?

Sadly after that one time I never got another chance to walk out into the wilderness, not there anyway. I was ill for some time then, as now spend a great deal of time in Sweden which is renowned amongst other things for its huge expanses of forests and woods, wild animals (well they shoot most things that move!) and general beautiful countryside. I can understand why the Germans and Dutch love coming here where I am as it is beautiful. If you have read my blog you will see that I live in a farmers village where I see fields and pine trees everywhere I look. Not far from me are 2 lakes, one of which we go swimming in summer and I tell you it is stunning. I do have a problem with being alone for certain lengths of time but on the whole I really do love it here.

But I still remember the days of old when me my dad and dog used to go walking in summer looking for the birds and animals that we knew where there they were just hiding from us scared into showing themselves.

My first ebook The Easter Book

Fancy a swim?

My dad and dog are no longer with us but I do think about them often. I know one thing too. next time I am back in the UK I will definitely go for a walk.