One of the things I love to do is gardening. There is nothing better than walking out into your garden on a warm summers morning to smell and see those wonderful flowers in full bloom and the insects gathering pollen for breakfast.

Talking of insects I have a Venus Fly Trap which is about to come out of its winter sleep. I love Clarence (I know strange name, can you guess why I named him Clarence?) During the summer he sits out in the back garden where the sun is for most of the day and he just soaks up the sun and eating the passing insects! I walked out one morning to find 3 of the traps closed and some very long legs sticking out! He had nabbed 3 spiders during the night and only there legs were visible.

Anyway I have written an article which is on full view on the Bukisa website. The article is informative and interesting especially for anyone who has a venus fly trap. Go see it here.

As for why his name is Clarence, well it has something to do with a favourite film of mine, but the character in the film is a good guy and wouldn’t hurt a fly! Do we know??