When I met Kathrin she had a dog named Texas. But no ordinary dog! This dog thought he was human. He slept on a leather sofa, ate from the table (mostly stole the food but he was so big you couldn’t do owt!) he wore glasses and even dressed up! He was a lovely dog and we seemed to hit it off straight away when we met. He was a cross St Bernard/Great Dane and was HUGE. Not the biggest in the world but pretty close.

Anyway last summer I looked after him for a while when Kathrin had to go away and just before she left we noticed a problem with one of his legs. Anyway it seemed to get worse and when she came back he had a lump around the ankle on his leg. We took him to a vet who suggested we take him for a xray and it was then that we found out he had a tumour. he was already 6 years old and old by his standards, the vet said that it wouldn’t be wise to operate as, well, he might not make it.

To cut a long story short he passed away in October of 2009. I was in the UK when I found out and heartbroken. Even though he wasn’t my dog we seemed to have a good rapport with one another. He was always glad to see me as I was him when he visited, I spoilt him (don’t tell Kathrin!) And really loved the big guy, and those few short years we knew one another I loved him as if he was my dog.

Anyway Kathrin’s daughter has sent me this link which is a video on YouTube. Please go view it as it’s brilliant and a fitting tribute to the big guy.

Texas Video

Texas, born 10/10/02-09/10/09.

Texas if you are watching, it was a pleasure knowing you and looking after you. I hope you like the tribute mate.