Well they have finally gone and done it. They have finally gone and “almost” destroyed us all. Those scientists have finally made the planet unstable, how?

Well they have shifted the earth’s core. Yep they have managed to move the core of our beloved planet. Only about 2mm but it is 2mm too far. 2 weeks ago they were running tests and decided to do a test too far and the experiment went wrong causing the earths core to move slightly. What does that mean for mankind? Well colder temperatures for the Northern Hemisphere for starters and warmer temps for the Southern Hemisphere. That is probably why we are experiencing snow and blizzard like conditions in Britain while in India they are experiencing some of the hottest temps on record. As for the Australians, well they have had cyclones, large hail and then baking temperatures. All this could be the result of one of the colliders being “tested” about 2 weeks ago.

Now Dr Ugo Ap-Rilostloof, the prominent Norwegian chief scientific adviser has come out and sort of confirmed it.

“2 weeks ago a collider conducted a number of tests prior to the main test in April. Those tests were conducted using the collider to confirm that indeed it was possible to run the device at full potential. We now realise that only a fool would do that sort of thing and we are deeply sorry for what has happened.”

There are 3 colliders on the planet. The Americans have one as do the Swedes and we all know the famous one under the Swiss/French border, but it’s not known which collider was involved in the disaster.

He wouldn’t deny or confirm if this was true, but look at the weather in the British Isles and then in the Southern Hemisphere and judge for yourself…