Easter Book On Sale – Wayne Anthony.

My book entitled “The Easter Book” has gone on sale, you can get it here.

For a limited time the book is now selling for $8.00 instead of the normal price of $11.99 so grab it while it’s going cheap!

Why am I doing this? Well I want as many people as possible to read my book The Easter Book and one way is to reduce the book price further still.

Heres a snippet:

Easter in Sweden

Foods, Traditions and Witches!

In Sweden they celebrate Easter but not really to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, instead Easter is all about twigs, feathers, egg hunts, fish and witches!

Traditionally Easter in Sweden lasts from the Thursday until the Monday or Easter Monday as is commonly called. They celebrate like they do at Christmas although they don’t dress up a tree. Instead they get birch twigs and decorate them with multi coloured feathers and brightly painted eggs which they have boiled first. But in ages gone by they celebrated with other traditions too.

Every chapter is meticulously researched and written and highlights some interesting facts about Easter, and the recipes are second to none!

  1. Chapters include “Why We Eat Lamb” which tells you how the idea of eating lamb for Easter came into being.
  2. Or why we have the German’s to thank for some of today’s popular traditions.
  3. What’s the connection between the Swedish, witches and birch twigs!!
The Easter Book is only $8

An alternative Easter book

Each chapter is written concisely and nothing has been left out, see for yourself get the book now!!

A truly fascinating read from beginning to end. But don’t take my word for it. I have sold pre-releases of this fine e-book and this is what people have said:

A really good read and worth buying if it’s only for the recipes!
Serge via Facebook

I never knew they ate such lovely food in Sweden. Thanks for the pre-release now I can’t wait to read more of your books.
Rachel Thomas via email

I never knew that about lamb, now I can tell my kids when we eat it for dinner on Easter Sunday! I can’t wait to try the Easter cake recipe.
Katy B via email

Heres a snippet:

Easter in Germany

A country of many different traditions and cultures, Germany celebrates Easter in the same way most Christian countries do and that includes eating lamb, something the Germans don’t eat until Easter. They also have a big way with other special foods, cakes and eggs. And talking of eggs, did you know that the Easter bunny came from the Germans?

But what other traditions do the Germans have today and are any of them from days gone by?

Grab the book now while I am selling it at the reduced price of $11.99 $8.00!