Since I started spending time here is Southern Sweden the garden has been infested with ground elder. A really difficult weed to get rid of, ground elder is one problem I wish I didn’t have!!

This is War!!

That is just a small patch but this damn weed is growing everywhere! Each morning I go outside and swear there’s more of this weed. Originally though this “weed” was classed as a herb by the Romans! AND, the Scandinavians still use it in their cooking to this day although I haven’t sampled it and to be honest don’t want to!

Exterminate, Exterminate!!

Intricate root system

The root system is only shallow growing but when you do any weeding you must make sure you get every bit of the root and plant otherwise it will still re-grow!

But I have a plan, a very good plan which I hope will check this weed and remove it from my garden. All I need are some seeds and a little patience!