Usually it’s very quiet here where I live, just the odd truck, car and bus but yesterday was a little different.

There was a rally going on and part of the course was through the village I am staying in.

I have no idea where it started or finished but there were about 40-50 cars driving through the village over a 3 hour period.

I tried to get as many pics as possible but my camera decided it needed the battery charging so every so often I had to rush indoors and stick it on charge!

I thought it was great to see some lovely old cars driving through the village. It certainly made an otherwise quiet day into a busy one.

One or two drivers got lost and carried on down the road instead of turning right at the bottom of the hill, then when they realised had to turn round and come back!!

Nearly all the drivers let on or smiled as they realised a crazy Englishman was taking their pictures!

Some of the pictures aren’t the best. My Kodak camera is about 4 years old now and rather slow. I had the setting on “Sport” but some are still a little blurred. I’m not very photogenic either but I hope you like them.