All week it’s been cloudy but really humid sometimes as much as 96% humidity. Today was the same but the clouds parted for a few hours and the sun came out. At its highest the sun shone down and the temperature in the back garden shot up to a fantastic 31 degrees!

So there was only one thing for it, I had to work outside and enjoy the sun afterall I had just sat through the worst winter I have ever witnessed and the worst here since 1941.

So I trotted off outside with laptop in hand, and keyboard, mouse, speaker, papers and pens, sunglasses, reading glasses and, erm the monitor. Yes a 15 inch CRT monitor! Why! I hear you ask! Well the laptop has a damaged screen and I can’t work on it (I’m a writer) and my netbook only has a 9 inch screen and I didn’t fancy squinting trying to read what’s on the screen.

Thats a point. My netbook a Fujitsu Amilo is supposed to have a anti-glare screen. YEAH RIGHT!!! An anti “can’t see anything when the sun comes out” screen more like it. I love it though I didn’t want to use it today.

Anyway it took me 10 minutes to set up my work station then I sat back, drank coffee and, erm, smoked. (Don’t tell Kathrin!)

Is that a monitor?

Well I wrote for a few hours. I had some articles to finish off for a deadline tonight and hate to have to do them at the last-minute. I then decided to do some gardening, my other pleasure.

I hadn’t done much when, out of the corner of my eye I saw something flying towards me. I turned to see something veer away and fly off. Was that a bat? Stuff me it was! I watched it fly around for a few seconds then came to rest on the gable end of the house. I grabbed my camera and blatted off a few pictures before it flew off again and disappeared.

It's not dark yet

During the summer when it’s warm we have bats flying around the garden and grabbing the insects as they gracefully fly around. I have been outside sometimes and have had to duck as they have come straight for me!!


It was about 5cms long (plus wings) and is stunning. I have no idea what type of bat it is but it’s lovely.

I can't see any fangs!

After a few minutes it flew off and kept circling the porch at the back of the house. I have a feeling they live in the roof of the house, not that I am bothered. I sort of managed to get it in flight, sort of.

In flight

1 thing I will say about Sweden and where I live and that is I have seen so much wonderful wildlife when I have been here from lizards to snakes, birds to bats and lots of other insects, animals and birds, some of them I took for granted back in Blighty.