70 years ago an incident took place that was to give a small but resolute country a hope. A hope that they could beat the tyranny that was coming their way. But it started not on their shores but rather in France, in a small coastal town that was to be synonymous with the saving of so many lives. The incident itself brought together men, and women from different backgrounds but with one common purpose, to save as many lives as they could. It involved a flotilla of  “Little Boats” that set off on a spring morning to the shores of France and into unimaginable horror. Horror most of these sailors had never seen before. Death was all around, in the water and on the shores. But one thing shone above all that horror and sense of sorrow and grief and that was hope. Hope that, if these little ships along with their bigger sisters The Royal Navy could get just one man of the beaches it would have been a success. Along with top cover supplied by the RAF AND the fighting spirit of the troops on the shore these little ships performed a miracle. A miracle that, even to this day has never been surpassed and on those bloody beaches a phrase was born. One that epitomizes the spirit of each and every man, woman and child that comes from these great British shores. That phrase was “The Dunkirk Spirit.”

Those Little Boats managed to take off those bloody, death strewn beaches 338,000 British and other Allied troops in what Sir Winston Churchill described as a “miracle of deliverance.” All the while rear guard forces containing British and Allied forces where fighting a rear guard defence to stop the marauding German Forces from taking the beaches of Dunkirk and totally wiping out the British Army along with most if not all of the French. There were other forces there too, the Dutch, Belgium’s and many other forces from countries that the Germans had taken, all there to do one thing. Get off those beaches, get to England, rearm and get back in there and fight for freedom.

338,000 troops were pulled from those beaches and taken back to Britain to regroup, rearm and get ready to take on the might of the German Army in the cities, villages and fields of Europe. To wipe out that nasty Nazi tyranny that had spread across Europe and was threatening the shores of the last haven for freedom and democracy, The British Isles.

Those Little Boats performed something no one has ever surpassed in the 70 years since that awful encounter, and in the coming days we should all sit up and think about what these people and their Little boats did over the next few days all those years ago.

They didn’t do it because they wanted to be heroes although they all were, they didn’t do it because they were ordered too, they didn’t do it because it was the “in thing” at the time. No they did it because they wanted too. They did it to protect yours and my freedom from something that was threatening the very last bit of free land that was the British Isles. They did it and because of them 338,000 British and Allied troops were taken off those beaches which otherwise would have perished. The beaches of Dunkirk would be forever remembered for the spirit and fight that the free world had against Nazi tyranny and for one other thing:

The Little Boats.

Now where’s your Dunkirk Spirit?