I’m melting, i’m melting!! For quite some time now here in Sweden we have been experiencing quite a crazy weather system with hot, sticky days and nights, and temperatures reaching 30 degrees and beyond! Now, after the winter I have just lived through (only just I might add!) any sun I get is a bonus trust me so I am not really complaining. But god I am sweating! We have had a tiny bit of rain on Sunday night when we had a small thunder-storm and that is it for what seems like a lifetime. Trust me I am not complaining as I love the sun and want it to keep on being warm BUT I could do with a little rain to replen the well, oh and cool down in too.

I have a small well for water although I can’t drink it as it has iron in it. Many people round here have wells with nearly all having a filtration system which filters out most of the iron and other things lurking inside the water. The well water is ok for showering, washing the dishes and even washing the clothes although I can’t wash the clothes after it has rained or else my whites end up being a sandy colour! Anyway last Wednesday I ran out of water! Can you imagine standing by the bathroom sink with a sink full of water, washing? No it doesn’t bear thinking about but until Sunday that is what I had to do. Plus the loo had to be flushed and the only way was with the drinking water from the next village. I went through litres of water just to do that, something which I am not best pleased with.

For drinking water I go to the next village where there is a stand pipe which the local shop allows people to get drinking water. Now I hate doing this, it means going to the next village with empty water containers (I have 2×25 litre butts and 8×5 litre water containers) and filling up the containers, but it’s the only way to get drinking water.

The garden loves the sun too but the plants could do with a little water now and again. Lots of things are now starting to flower like these 2 sweet peas.

Lathyrus odorata Bijou

They are the dwarf variety of sweet pea but smell just delightful, just like their bigger brothers and sisters.

Lots of other plants are flowering too or have flowered like these lupins.

Beautiful Lupins in Full Colour

They flowered earlier during June and have now started to lose their flowers, to be replaced with seed pods which I will collect when they are ready. I have quite a few dotted around the back garden and these are 2 years old. They are also a mixture of wild and shop bought seeds but I have no idea which is which!

Another lovely flower just flowering is the Clarkia unguiculata or Mandelröschen (these are German seeds)

Clarkia unguiculataThey have produced some lovely little flowers with many different colours and I love them.

Lovely colours and flower until September

Mandelröschen Gefållte Mischung

The climbing rose is also in flower.

My rose is in flower

This is only the 2nd time in the last 20 years it has flowered and produces small, pink flowers which as you can see are beautiful and very slightly perfumed.

Anyway I am not complaining about the weather. I love the sun and hot sunny days and long may it last. The thing is my well needs filling up, my plants need watering as does the rest of my garden. Oh, and I wish I could stop sweating!