About 5 weeks ago I took my home-grown compost and spread it amongst all the plants in the back garden to give them a good supply of natural food. On the top of the soil lots of broken egg shells were scattered about meaning it was harder for the snails and slugs to get to my plants. Up to that point my garden was infested with them, my back garden backs onto a farmer’s field and there’s a small patch of land he doesn’t plough and it’s overgrown, a perfect hiding place for those critters. Anyway since I put the compost down the broken egg shells have stopped most of the snails from entering my garden so I was well pleased.

These plants bugged me for days, what are they?

But looking at the garden a few days ago I spotted something else. A plant which, on closer inspection resembled a plant I knew but at that time couldn’t remember the name of. For 3 days I rattled my brain. I knew it as I had seen the leaves before. The stems have small hairs on them which were characteristic to a plant I had grown before, even the smell was so familiar it started to do my head in. Then EUREKA!! It came to me yesterday what they were. Now these plants have not been planted this year because I was supposed to be somewhere else and didn’t think they would survive but there they were, a little small granted but growing quite happily all over the garden. They were everywhere, 1, 2, 3, 4 hell there was over a dozen small but happy plants growing in those patches and I couldn’t believe it.

They had stems I knew but couldn't figure out what they were

But where did the seeds comes from? I didn’t plant them and there was too many for a bird to have dropped them. Then it hit me. As I said I have recently mixed my home-grown compost in with the soil around the garden and the seeds must have been mixed in! God how long have they been in the compost for waiting to be sown so they could grow? The compost is around 12 months old in the bin I am taking it from, although the bottom has not been touched yet so that means the seeds have been sitting there dormant for around 6 months while all around them my waste has been slowly recycled back into lovely compost the plants know and love!

Then it clicked

They couldn't be though!

I sat back and smiled. Well I don’t expect to get any tomatoes on them this year as the season is halfway through but who knows? They survived in the rotting waste for god knows how long so maybe one or two might produce luscious, ripe tomatoes, we will see.

Tomato Plants!!