I went out and about a while ago, mainly to get out of the house for a bit of fresh air and to take some pictures. Where I live in Sweden it’s full of pine forests with long windy roads leading into the forests that the lumberjacks use to cut down the trees.

Trees everywhere

You take your life in your hands

There are piles of logs everywhere

You have to be careful when walking in the woods, you could get run over by the machinery used to transport the trees, or worse still shot! During the hunting season you can hear gunfire every weekend as they hunt elks (moose) and deer which are plentiful around here. As for moose (elks) I haven’t seen any.

I wanted to show you the houses and area where I live so took loads of pics.

No longer needed

The area where I live is mostly farmland with cows and sheep then the fields of wheat and oats which the farmers planted in spring.

Cows, cows and cows

And more cows!

Nothing but fields and more fields

View from my back garden

Even my back garden backs onto fields which are usually full of oats during the summer months.

While out taking pictures I turned round and nearly had a heart attack. This guy made me jump!!

A scarecrow guarding against birds and the hares

He was watching over a veg plot which someone had and really made me jump! After I had regained my composure I continued snapping. There are lots of old buildings nearby with some still being used while others are left to the elements and they intrigue me as I wondered what they were originally used for.

I wonder what it was originally used for?

Anyway further along I took some pictures of the houses around here. Most are wooden which is typical of Swedish houses, but one or two are made from brick.

I have a church in the village and an owl which sits in the graveyard at night hooting!

This was a cafe a few years ago

There was even a rail link not too long ago

Not too long ago a rail line ran through the next village. I don’t know where it went but the nearest stations are 30kms away.

A typical Swedish house is made from wood

Most of Sweden is covered in forests so it’s only right that the houses are made from wood. But as mentioned before some aren’t:

This is made from brick I think, not wood

It’s also a very quiet area around here except in summer when there are tourists.

Most of the houses are well looked after along with their gardens. Gardening is something the Swedish people love to do much like the Brits so I feel at home here.

The bike is mine!

As you can see its very quaint around here and no wonder we have many tourists from Denmark, Germany, Holland and even Swedish tourists that visit during the summer. I even saw a British mobile home around here a few weeks ago! I wished he would have stopped for directions, it would have been nice to hear English being spoken by English people instead of Swedish, Germans, Dutch and Danes speaking it. They are very good at English don’t get me wrong but it’s nice to hear you’re own language being spoken by Brits.

In the winter it’s a different story and quieter than quiet!

My house last winter. God it was cold!!