Around the middle of July I blogged about some plants that were growing in the garden (you can find the post here.) The plants turned out to be tomato plants and they were quickly growing in the wonderful compost I had made. Apparently the reason they had survived in the compost was due to the fact my compost heap wasn’t hot enough (thanks to dreyadin for that info) so I ended up with 30 or more tomato plants in the garden, all clambering for light and food.

Anyway I went away for a small vacation and when I got back many of the tomato plants had flowered. They produce small yellow flowers which are beautiful and look great in the garden. Yesterday I was checking the garden after the rain and discovered this:

Little tomatoes are growing!

But not only 1 small tomato but 4!

4 tomatoes growing not 1!

I didn’t see the others when I checked yesterday and didn’t notice them when I took these pictures!! Now I don’t expect them to become ripe but who knows? I mean I didn’t expect the tomato plants to flower or grow very tall but they have done both, so who knows?

One thing I will need to do is sort out the compost heaps and try to make them warmer. I made the compost containers myself from Ikea headboards 3 years ago and they are still going strong, but they might need a lid or something to raise the temperature inside.

In the meantime I am looking through my recipes for meals that have tomatoes in!!