If, like me you live in the middle of nowhere with the nearest shop being 3 kilometres away and only open during certain times of the day, you realise the benefit of making your own things like bread, cakes and biscuits. Now I love “proper” bread or cakes and biscuits brought from the shop or supermarket but I also love to bake them too. The smell of fresh baked bread wafting through the house is a wonderful smell and gets the taste buds working overtime I can assure you. But sometimes I get fed up of making the dough and leaving it somewhere warm to rise and then to knead it and go through the whole rigmarole again and again, so I make some little biscuits that are easy to make, have no yeast in them and you don’t need to let the dough rise either.



  1. Put the oven on 200C or gas mark 6.
  2. Put the flour, baking powder and margarine in a mixing bowl and mix until the texture is like breadcrumbs. You might want to use a mixer for this, I do.
  3. Slowly add the milk as you mix until the dough starts to clump together. If you use too much milk just add more flour.
  4. Take a 6 hole patty tin and grease the holes if needed. I use one which is silicon so I don’t need to grease them.
  5. Take some of the mixture and squeeze together to make small balls, a bit smaller than a tennis ball. Simply plop them into the patty tin then bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or until they are brown.

One good thing with these small rolls is that you can add things to them. I have added garlic, onions, peppers and cheese in the past. All you do is add the extra ingredients before you add the milk. As for how much, well that’s up to you, I usually make a handful and add it but you can use more or less.

One thing is certain though: They taste stunning and are a great “alternative” to bread when you just can’t be bothered. In fact they are wonderful even if you can be bothered! In fact if you are having a chilli or bolognaise then these are perfect “on the side”.”

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