I spend quite a lot of time in Southern Sweden in a small 300 year old house. All

around me are fields and trees, trees and, erm, trees. Well there were lots of trees. Apparently the Swedish Government have given permission for logging companies to go ahead and cut down whatever they want to. Originally it was cut a tree down you replace it with another, but it seems that’s gone out of the window, around here anyway.

On the way to the next village which is 3 kilometres away there are swathes of trees from pine to silver birch. As you can see form the first 2 pictures it’s very thick which is a haven for all kinds of wildlife. It was here last year that we saw a Ural Owl by the side of the road scavenging. That owl was huge and wonderful but it wouldn’t hang around while we took a picture.

Now on the other side of the road:

It seems they have cut down MOST of the pine trees and left some of the silver birch standing, BUT also cut down lots of smaller trees.

It really is sad to see all those magnificent trees cut down and taken away on those large logging trucks. They seem to work day & night too which is a nuisance when you are trying to sleep.

It’s not just this area where they are cutting down the trees. All over this area they are going into once wonderful forests and cutting them down. They seem to cut from the inside out, maybe that’s just me though.

Today I was checking my Twitter account (@SensibleLiving) and someone I follow posted a link to a website that is trying to get Europe to STOP this ILLEGAL logging. @stephenfry the wonderful comedian, philosopher and general wonderful man posted this link on Twitter:


PLEASE follow this link and fill out the form. It only takes a few seconds BUT could make our Governments take notice and action against these Governments which are ILLEGALLY cutting down our beautiful forests for their gains.

Do you really want to go from this:

To this:

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