Around where I live in Sweden there’s nothing but woods and forests and this is perfect for all kinds of animals including moose (elk) and deer to roam peacefully without human’s bothering them. I have seen a few deer since coming here although never a buck, only kids and females. As for a moose, well I am beginning to think they are the stuff of legends! Never, ever seen one in the wild!

This time of year all the hunters around here are getting ready for the oncoming season. It means they start to have practice sessions and fine tune their rifles in the woods nearby, they also build hides and hunting platforms which I guess they will use once the season is upon us.

Hunting Guide.

The hunting season itself in Sweden is a little varied depending on which species you want to hunt.

Roe Deer: The hunting season starts in August when you can hunt for the bucks then from today, 01st October you can hunt for all Roe Deer.

Moose (Elk): The hunting season for moose varies too. In Northern Sweden the season has already started as it starts in September, the South started today, 01st October.

There are many different species of animals and birds you can hunt for in Sweden including Grouse, Capercaillie (which is a kind of Grouse), Hazel Hen and then animals like the Bear and Beaver. Sweden did have a Wolf cull last year, 2009, which courted much controversy. In fact they now have to re-import Wolves from other countries as they shot most of their own.

Can Anyone Hunt?

To hunt in Sweden is not really easy to do but visitors can go on a hunt if they hold a hunters permit and have insurance. You must not go it alone rather use a hunting co-operative or go with another hunter. There are many laws when hunting so it pays to take advice before you do anything. 


Anyway we were out walking a few days ago and saw a well hidden hide in the corner of the field. Now when hunters build these stands they are well constructed but basic with no coverage on it and certainly not hidden, this 1, well.

As you can see from the following pictures most are rather crudely made although they are sturdy enough. They also seem to build them anywhere although I am sure they only put them up if an animal has been sighted. I’m not an hunter so I am guessing.




1 in particular was built very well and camouflaged. It was in the corner of the field under a large pine tree, a reasonably good arc of fire with open ground all around it.

Whoever built this must have prior knowledge of something they wanted to hunt around here, what though I have no idea.



As you can see it’s rather well hidden and would almost certainly be well hidden for anything that comes through the trees in front of it.

I have no idea who built this but it’s probably a farmer around here with too much time on his hands if you ask me. 1 thing, it’s right close to the road so I hope they are careful if they do use this, the last thing they want is to be arrested. Actually that might be a good idea, at least the animals would be safe.

I am going to keep my eyes peeled in the next few days and weeks and listen for gun shots. I will even walk down there and see if it’s still there. 1 things certain though: Now it’s hunting season around here I WILL NOT go into the woods anytime soon!!!