Depending where you live the weather this week has been really nice. Reasonably cold but clear nights have given way to warm and sunny days, just perfect for getting out and about in the garden and doing things.

Flower Garden

DSC00183In all beds mix homemade compost with the soil which will improve it and the flowers thank you for.

Do you have snowdrops? If you have and they are a little bit overcrowded lift them then divide into more manageable and tidier plants. Only do this after they have flowered which they should have by now.

Herbaceous perennials can be planted too. What is a Herbaceous perennial? Well it’s a plant that dies back in winter and reappears again next spring. There are some wonderful plants including the Geranium, Delphinium and Campanula’s being just a few.

Veg Garden IMG_4458 (Small)

Plant onions, broad beans and parsnips weather permitting.

Other veg you can plant include radish, lettuce, beetroot, cabbage, leeks, carrots, turnips and peas.

Make sure the beds are well prepared first by mixing in your own compost or manure if you can get it.


100_5300You can prepare those soft wood cuttings you have taken like Dahlia.

Strawberry runners can be potted up to.

Now is the time to plant Pansies and viola seeds. Keep them under glass for now.

Tomato seed can be planted as well under glass. Make sure the greenhouse stays warm to aid germination.

Around the Garden

Make sure all plants are ordered if ordering from mail order.

You could mow the lawn too but first make sure the lawnmower has been serviced with all parts that need oil, oiled or sharpened.


Just a few of the things one can be doing now in the garden. Hope this helps!