Unlit filtered cigarettesI don’t have any bad habits unless you listen to the other half. Then I have only 1 bad fault, apart from being a British snail (I do everything slowly she says!) Well that habit is quite a bad habit, even I would agree with that but quitting smoking is just hard work.A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the ...



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Yes I smoke much to the disdain of the better half. I smoke about 15-20 a day and have been smoking since I was 16, I am 40 cough, cough, something now. I know it’s a bad, filthy habit BUT stopping is really difficult. I have tried pretty much everything from the gum, patches and the inhalers all have done squat in helping me quit. Then at the other end of the spectrum hypnosis, acupuncture and pure will power alone have done little or nothing in helping me fight this one demon I desperately want to get rid of. In fact the last time I tried to quit using will power my now x brought me a pack of cigarettes and threw them at me.

i quit!

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“If you don’t start smoking again I will leave you.” She said looking at me like she really would. Wish I hadn’t smoked now, maybe we would have done it sooner!!!

I have even tried Champix from the doctors. The first time they were great and I “almost” quit. (Yes I know not good enough) But sadly the 2nd time I tried them they had no effect on me whatsoever and have now stopped taking them. They are good though and I recommend you going to see your GP and ask for them.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. Those gremlins inside you head start knawing away at your mind telling you you need a smoke. Try to ignore them at your peril too. They then start a more aggressive campaign to get that small white cancerous stick into your mouth and pollute your body and mind with that toxic smoke. In the end sweat appears on your brow and no matter what you are doing nothing can remove those thoughts from your mind. The thoughts those horrible gremlins firmly implanted into every nook and cranny of a now desperate mind. The thoughts of lighting up another cigarette.

Just 1 more, PLEASE!!!


When you smoke a cigarette you are inhaling 4000 different chemicals including tar, Lit cigaretteammonia, benzene and carbon monoxide plus over 50 other toxic chemicals which are known to cause cancer! Wow that’s some serous stuff inside 1 cigarette. Knowing all that does it help you to quit? Knowing just 1 cigarette can kill you will it deter you or force you to say enough is enough, no more? No me neither.

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...You see smoking is addictive, very, very addictive. So much more addictive than, say taking some of the very bad drugs that seem to be freely available on the streets right now. Just 1 puff on a cigarette can lead you into the murky depths of a smoking career that can last until. Well they finally kill you. And they will

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in the end no doubt about that.

No matter what we are told about smoking, from the harmful effects it has on our bodies, the early deaths, the strain on our Health Service to the fact it’s just unsocial, we AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 19:  Zack Neil...smokers still smoke.

Well No Smoking Day is on Wednesday the 9th of March, that’s a couple of days from now. I WILL try and quit once more. I will quit because I do want to see my kids and grandkids grow up to old age. I want to have a fit and

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healthy middle aged body. I want to save money so me and the little demon can go on trips around Europe. And, most of all I will quit because I WANT TO QUIT.

Oh and if I don’t SHE WILL KILL ME!!!

Now I am telling that to the 4 odd billion internet users out there that I will try to quit smoking. Wow now I will have to quit! Anybody with me??? Ahhh you chickens, lets quit together.

Just 1 other thing. If you live within 100 miles of me I would move now. Might get messy for a while!!!

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