Now that spring is around the corner many of you will be thinking about the garden. Looking outside at your garden now, all you see is a mess and you wonder how on earth you can change your garden into one of stunning beauty without spending a fortune doing it.

It is possible to create a garden to die for, to have everyone who sees the finished outcome stop and admire your wonderful, flower filled garden, it is possible without having to re-mortgage the house. Frugal gardening is the way forward, it’s easy to do with no shame involved and is really fun too.

Frugal Gardening

Frugal gardening isn’t hard to do especially if you follow a few simple ideas. Some are listed below for you to try, then purchase my book The Frugal Gardener which is packed full of more frugal hints, tips and ideas on how to have a garden the neighbor’s will be jealous off and it won’t cost you much.

Frugal Gardening: Start by Looking Around the House

So how can you be frugal in the garden? Well for starters have a look around the house. What you are looking for is any containers that you could use. Plastic containers that once contained food from supermarkets are great for this and can be used as seed trays. If they have lids then you have a simple propagator which will help the young tender shoots grow big and strong.

Glass jars are great for storing things in. maybe you have markers, pens, bits of string or other small items scattered over the greenhouse or house. Well using glass jars to store them in are wonderful and just look in the kitchen cupboard. In there you are bound to find some whether it contains coffee, sauces or jams.

If you are stuck for plant pots and want to start off some seeds there is another alternative and that is the metal can you get things like peas, carrots and other foods. You will have to give them a good clean out then put holes in the bottom, but they are great for emergency plant pots when you have none and stuck for money.

If you have lots of plants, seeds or herbs in pots but don’t have any identifiers so you know what’s what then this method works. Take a plastic margarine tub and after cleaning cut the plant identity markers out of the tub and lid. Ok so there will be writing on one side but the inside is white and perfect for you to write that plant name. Just remember to use a permanent marker!

These are just a few of the frugal gardening tips you can use in the garden but even there’s more inside my book The Frugal Gardener. The book is packed full of gardening tips including tips on vegetable gardening, herbs, and many other topics every gardener should know if he is to become a frugal gardener.

Why not purchase it now and see what frugal gardening will do for you and your garden this year? One thing is certain, you will have a garden that’s full of blooming flowers, shrubs, herbs and vegetables which will be the envy of everyone.

The Frugal Gardener

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