April 2011

Carry On Henry

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I am old enough to both love and enjoy the Carry On films. They starred some of the greats of yesteryear like Sid James, along with up and coming actors and actresses like Barbara Windsor. Their slapstick “British” humour and style of comedy was a great attraction every time a film was released. Even though the films had been made since the late 1950’s it wasn’t until the 1980’s when I started to watch and admire them, oh and laugh.

In total 31 Carry On films where made between 1958 and 1992 with Carry on Columbus being the last and probably least favourite amongst Carry On fans, except me! I know the film is rather silly (ain’t Carry On supposed to be silly?) but I loved it. It also starred an actor people in the US will know as the voice of Harry Potter. He has recorded all 7 books of the favourite series for the American market and has even won awards for them. He first made his Carry On appearance in Carry on Cabby and has been in a few of the films since including a favourite of mine, Carry on Screaming!! The other favourite of mine is Sid James. Sid was a master of the film industry and could turn his hand to any type of acting. My first encounter with him was when he was in the series Bless This House. In it he played a father to 2 “Dippy” university kids who were also Eco-warriors and members of the CND! I love that series and try to watch it when it’s on TV. Sid starred in 19 films including Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head, Carry on Henry and Carry on Dick. All these films are favourites of mine especially Don’t Lose Your Head where he plays alongside Jim Dale as Sir Rodney Ffing and his best friend, Lord Darcy Pue. Set during the French Revolution, they both travel to France to save people from the Guillotine, with disastrous results. Not for them 2 but Kenneth Williams (Citizen Camembert) and his lackey, Citizen Bidet played by Peter Butterworth!

These films are brilliant and I’m sure every Brit has watched at least 1. They have stood the test of time, in my eyes anyway and are a regular feature on TV. I never stop laughing and many times see and hear things I hadn’t done before.

Other Actors/Actresses to star in the Carry On films were:

Kenneth Williams
Joan Sims
Charles Hawtrey
Sid James
Kenneth Connor
Peter Butterworth
Bernard Bresslaw
Hattie Jacques
Jim Dale
Jack Douglas
Terry Scott

Many more helped to make these films some of the best in British Comedy and I recommend everyone to see 1, you won’t regret it!!!


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If anyone has read my blog you will probably have guessed I love to walk, especially out

in the countryside, by the river or canal, in fact anywhere where I can be “one with nature.” Yesterday I had to go into the next town so I went along the canal, something I always do. Getting on the canal in Ashton and then walking up onto the first lock I noticed something was missing; the water.

Usually the canal is full as there are many narrow boats travelling up and down the canal which is great especially now the Huddersfield Narrow Canal has been re-dug out and pretty much follows it’s original path through Tameside and beyond.

I stood there for a few minutes surveying the scene before me with amusement wondering what had happened then noticing that what little water was left was quickly travelling through a sluice gate. I figured that someone had gone through the lock with their canal boat and had forgotten to close the gate properly, but what do I know? I have never been on a narrow boat before so don’t know the etiquette and fineries for narrow boating.

I  travelled on along the now well drained canal taking some pictures, looking for any dead fish and wondering who could have done this? The water level did rise a little in the middle part of the canal which is also the deepest so canal boats can travel safely up and down the canal, but it was moving quite fast and figured it wouldn’t be there for much longer if the second lock was locked stopping any water travelling into the lock in question.


I got to the 2nd lock and walked up the slope and looked. This part of the canal was ok and full so carried on, figuring someone had forgotten to close it off properly. Speaking to some fishermen fishing the second lock 1 said that some unscrupulous people around the area had drained the lock, netted it and taken all the fish out, probably to eat or “sell

      them on.”

Well that did make me think as I saw only 3 small fish in the remaining water, and I know there are some nice fish in that part of the canal including pike, carp and skimmer bream.

Did that happen I wonder or has someone forgotten to close the gates? Maybe that stretch of the canal has been drained for a reason, like removal of the rubbish one could see scattered everywhere in the canal? I hope to find out but I won’t hold my breath. If it is some callous people then I hope they get some strange disease or something. Destroying the countryside, rivers, lakes and canals in my eyes is something we should look upon with disdain and punish the people in question. Again I won’t hold my breath.


As the weather was warm last weekend I decided to go for a small walk down to the local river. There’s a small path that runs alongside the River Tame for about 600 metres so I thought I would go there and look around. The sun was blazing and although not

summer yet it certainly felt like it as the birds, singing their summer songs were flying from tree to tree, butterflies were darting around looking for flowers which were open so they could have their fill of nectar, the life giving substance that will keep them going till more blooms are fully open. A blackbird, startled by my silent approach suddenly flew from it’s perch in one of the trees, warned the others nearby by it’s high pitched shrill. It’s flight looked erratic as it flew across the river to the safety of the other bank where it could regain it’s composure. Then suddenly another bird song. A song I haven’t heard since late last year when these birds migrated South to warmer climates. A rasping, wonderful sound as they announced their arrival, flying around the river in search of a snack probably after such a long distance they

were hungry, well who wouldn’t be. I looked skywards and saw them, small black specs at first then they came down from their lofty heights and I smiled as they darted along the river easily picking off insects in flight. Yes summer is here I said to myself and

smiled. Not quite I know but when I see the first House Martins of the year I always say summer’s here.

I sat down on 1 of the bench’s and admired the scenery around me. All around were trees and shrubs all starting to show their majesty as they began to produce their leaves. In front was the river itself,  the River Tame with fast moving crystal clear water. Small fish began jumping out of the water as if trying to evade a larger predator underneath caught my eye. They skirted around the overhanging branches trying desperately to escape the hidden danger, I didn’t see anything but something certainly spooked them.

All around me was quiet, no cars or people just the birds singing in the trees and in the sky. The odd train passed by, their wheels clattering against the rails on the old viaduct taking their passengers to their destinations. Passengers, looking out from within their cool compartments, seemed to admire the sudden change in scenery and I could see the odd face straining to see the scenery as the train continued on towards its final destination. I too looked around and smiled as I had left the hustle and bustle of everyday life and quietly sat on the banks of the river taking in the sun and scenery.

Summer isn’t quite here here in the UK just yet but the recent good weather is turning everyone’s thoughts to summer, mine included.

With the recent spell of warm weather some members of Ridgehill Angling have been Chayy Dam, Ridgehill Angling's new homebusy cleaning up and making The Chads a more beautiful place to fish and walk around, rather than doing a spot of fishing. They had a new sign delivered which was promptly fixed on the largest island yesterday by Simon and Carl a.k.a. Carp King Carl. It meant wading out in waist deep water to

reach the island, oh and to evade the protective male Canadian Goose which had a nest on the island, with the female sitting on a clutch of eggs. She sat on her eggs quite unperturbed by the commotion on the island but kept an eye out just in case. The lads, knowing she had a clutch of eggs where careful and as quiet as they could so as not to disturb her too much. The wildlife on Chadwick dam is as important to the members as the fishing, and the last thing they wanted was to disturb her too much.