With the recent spell of warm weather some members of Ridgehill Angling have been Chayy Dam, Ridgehill Angling's new homebusy cleaning up and making The Chads a more beautiful place to fish and walk around, rather than doing a spot of fishing. They had a new sign delivered which was promptly fixed on the largest island yesterday by Simon and Carl a.k.a. Carp King Carl. It meant wading out in waist deep water to

reach the island, oh and to evade the protective male Canadian Goose which had a nest on the island, with the female sitting on a clutch of eggs. She sat on her eggs quite unperturbed by the commotion on the island but kept an eye out just in case. The lads, knowing she had a clutch of eggs where careful and as quiet as they could so as not to disturb her too much. The wildlife on Chadwick dam is as important to the members as the fishing, and the last thing they wanted was to disturb her too much.