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I am old enough to both love and enjoy the Carry On films. They starred some of the greats of yesteryear like Sid James, along with up and coming actors and actresses like Barbara Windsor. Their slapstick “British” humour and style of comedy was a great attraction every time a film was released. Even though the films had been made since the late 1950’s it wasn’t until the 1980’s when I started to watch and admire them, oh and laugh.

In total 31 Carry On films where made between 1958 and 1992 with Carry on Columbus being the last and probably least favourite amongst Carry On fans, except me! I know the film is rather silly (ain’t Carry On supposed to be silly?) but I loved it. It also starred an actor people in the US will know as the voice of Harry Potter. He has recorded all 7 books of the favourite series for the American market and has even won awards for them. He first made his Carry On appearance in Carry on Cabby and has been in a few of the films since including a favourite of mine, Carry on Screaming!! The other favourite of mine is Sid James. Sid was a master of the film industry and could turn his hand to any type of acting. My first encounter with him was when he was in the series Bless This House. In it he played a father to 2 “Dippy” university kids who were also Eco-warriors and members of the CND! I love that series and try to watch it when it’s on TV. Sid starred in 19 films including Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head, Carry on Henry and Carry on Dick. All these films are favourites of mine especially Don’t Lose Your Head where he plays alongside Jim Dale as Sir Rodney Ffing and his best friend, Lord Darcy Pue. Set during the French Revolution, they both travel to France to save people from the Guillotine, with disastrous results. Not for them 2 but Kenneth Williams (Citizen Camembert) and his lackey, Citizen Bidet played by Peter Butterworth!

These films are brilliant and I’m sure every Brit has watched at least 1. They have stood the test of time, in my eyes anyway and are a regular feature on TV. I never stop laughing and many times see and hear things I hadn’t done before.

Other Actors/Actresses to star in the Carry On films were:

Kenneth Williams
Joan Sims
Charles Hawtrey
Sid James
Kenneth Connor
Peter Butterworth
Bernard Bresslaw
Hattie Jacques
Jim Dale
Jack Douglas
Terry Scott

Many more helped to make these films some of the best in British Comedy and I recommend everyone to see 1, you won’t regret it!!!


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