It seems everyone owns a digital camera or Smartphone capable of taking high quality pictures. Sometimes the pictures you have might need resizing especially if you are submitting them to forums. Finding the right software to do the job of resizing can be laborious and expensive if you decide to buy a product. But before you do purchase or

scour the internet check out this FREE Microsoft PowerToy that’s just the ticket when you need to resize those pics. The add-on is available to anyone who uses Microsoft OS (Operating System)

If you are Using XP

  • Use your favourite search engine and search for “Microsoft image resizer for XP.” At the top of the first page you will have a link to a Microsoft page. Follow the links until you find the “Image Resizer” download.
  • Download the program then install it. Once installed all you need to do to resize your pictures is Right Click on the image then scroll down to the Image Resizer tab.

A box will then appear giving you lots of different options for resizing your pictures.

As you can see from the image you have lots of choice and even a custom field where you can input the sizes yourself. The program also allows you to resize the original image or create a copy. This is great if you don’t want to resize the original.

If you are Using Vista/Win7

  • There’s also a cloned version of this PowerToy for Win7and Vista users.
  • Again search for “Image Resizer,” and the link for the PowerToy Clone will be on the first page. Follow the links and download before installing.
  • The procedure is exactly the same for Win7/Vista users as it is for XP users. The interface is almost the same too although the sizes you are presented with are a little different.

And there you have it, a simple Image Resizer that’s great for anyone using XP, Vista or Win7. Best of all it’s totally free so go get it.