Last week I had to do my shopping. I always shop at the same supermarket and have it delivered. There are a number of reasons I have my shopping delivered, they include having no transport, and having some on-going medical issues which make it difficult for me to go out and shop. I know it’s not very environmentally friendly so I recycle as much of the wrappings, boxes and cartons from the shopping as I can.

I tend to do my shopping fortnightly with most of the items being for the coming 2 weeks. Some items will last longer like the vegetables, some meat, flour, pasta and eggs. I won’t name the supermarket I use but I will tell you that most of the items on the list are the supermarket’s own brand, Smartprice. My shopping list varies too. This is a large shop for me as next payday I will have bills to pay so won’t have much left for shopping.

I make my own meals when cooking, that is to say I don’t buy pre-made or microwave meals. I will make a sausage and bacon casserole, egg and bacon pie, and biscuits with some of the items I brought. The chops will be used to make scallops, onions and chops, a recipe my son loves. The Beef mince comes in a kilo pack. I split this into 4 portions which will give me 4 meals. I can do this as I live alone most of the time. The potatoes come in 2.5 kilo bags. I ordered 4 bags so that gives me 10 kilo’s. They will last me quite a while especially since I store them in a cool, dry place.

Next time you need to go shopping why not make a list and stick to it? It will save you time, money and effort and if you shop wisely you could make some wonderful dishes with the food like I have. You can even use the shopping list below if you wanted!

Qty Product Price
1 Peanut butter £0.67
1 Real Mayonnaise £0.92
1 Pork Chops £2.00
1 2 Hot & Spicy Chicken £1.00
1 Cracked Black Pepper Grills £1.00
1 Wholemeal Baps £1.87
2 Diet Lemonade £1.04
1 Fruit & Barley Apple & Blackcurrant (No Added Sugar) £0.66
1 Orange Squash (No Added Sugar) £0.28
2 Apple & Blackcurrant Squash (No Added Sugar) £0.56
1 Bacon pieces – smoked £0.75
1 Oven Cleaner £2.60
1 Cheese spread £1.00
1 You’d butter believe it – light £1.26
1 Eggs – minimum net weight £1.25
1 Plain Flour £0.52
1 Soap £0.25
2 Protect Mint Fresh Toothpaste £1.00
1 Toilet tissue – white £1.34
4 White Potatoes £4.00
3 White loaf – medium £1.41
3 Brown loaf £1.41
1 Mild coloured cheddar £4.00
1 UHT Milk Semi Skimmed £4.00
1 Soft margarine £2.89
1 Rich Roast Instant Coffee £1.48
2 Brown Sauce £0.78
1 Tomato ketchup £0.31
1 Beef Mince £4.00
1 Pork Luncheon Meat £0.85
1 Thin sliced ham £0.56
1kg Chicken leg quarters £1.94
2 Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice £0.66
2 Spaghetti £0.40
2 Pasta Shapes £0.36
4 Baked Beans £1.12
1 Granulated Sugar £1.34
2 Frozen Sausages £2.00
1 Mixed Vegetables £0.59
1 Chosen By You Tea Bags £1.00
If you would like the recipes for the meals I have made during the last 2 weeks please get in touch and I will supply them to you.