Over the next few days I am going to add more frugal tips for you to try in the kitchen and home. The idea of this is so that you become savvier around the home, saving you time and money at the end of it. Recipes will be included in the daily blog posts which I want you to try and comment on letting me know how they turned out for you.

Over the previous few days I have added some frugal tips for you to try out with the latest article, Which FREE Office Software, is designed to give you a helping hand next time you need Office software.

This will coincide with another e-book I have coming out shortly. Anthony’s Frugal Cookbook is packed full of great recipes for you to use and feed the family with. Everything is written is clear English with simple to follow instructions. When it does become available later in the week please buy it as it will be an invaluable aid in your frugal kitchen. With over 80 recipes, hints, tips and ideas, this frugal recipe book will turn you into a frugal cook and at the same time feed your family. The price for this 76 page book is only £2, not much considering what’s on offer to you!

I will keep you informed and give you hints, tips and more daily so stay tuned.