There are many things one can do to be more frugal around the home. They don’t need to be life changing but they will save you money and time with some being good for the environment. Some of the following tips are basic and most of you will probably be using them, whereas others you might not know about. If you know of any more frugal tips for the home let me know.

  • If you are making a brew only use the amount of water you need.
  • Turn the heating down. Even 1 degree makes a big difference to your bill.
  • If you are cold after turning down the heat wear a jumper, preferably the one your aunt Maud knitted you!
  • Try to dry your clothes outside on the line not in the tumble dryer. It can be difficult in the climate we have in the UK but it is possible.
  • See if another electricity or gas supplier is cheaper. At the end of the day it’s you who wants to pay less.
  • Never leave things on standby. This is one thing I am always harping on about to my kids as I hate seeing that red dot on the TV or DVD player. Some electric suppliers have free gadgets that turn off the TV if you switch it to standby. A great piece of kit.
  • If you are tired of your remotes always running out of batteries invest in rechargeable batteries. Couple them with a solar powered charger and you have an environmentally friendly, money saving way of keeping your batteries topped up.
  • I use this one all the time: if you are using the oven then why not utilise the heat that comes from it? When you make bread you need somewhere warm so the dough rises and the perfect place for that is on top of the cooker, on the rings. Hot air from the oven rises up through the cooker and warms the top making it a great place to put dough. Just make sure the rings are off.
  • Have you ever thought of using essential oils for cleaning? Well oils like tea tree and lavender are great at keeping your house clean, and they smell wonderful. Here are a couple of oils you can use and the properties they have.

Tea Tree: Anti-fungal

Lavender: Antiseptic/Healing

Lemon Grass: Deodorising

  • Vinegar is great for cleaning glass and so is newspaper and water. Both ways really do work and leave your windows smear free and sparkling.
  • If you need cleaning materials next time you shop why not buy the supermarket’s own brand? Not only will it save you loads of money but they are just as good as the major brands. Better still look in the £1 shops.
  • Talking of shopping, before you go next time make a list first. This way you save money as you only buy what you need without browsing the aisles and putting other things in the basket.
  • Check the cupboards and fridge freezer and see if you can make meals from what you have. Then check your cookery books or look online for recipes.
  • Recycle glass jars and re-use them. Perfect for dried peas, beans and lentils when they come in plastic packaging.
  • If you have kids and they love to paint and decorate things, get them to decorate yoghurt pots. They can be used to store all sorts of things like pens and pencils.
  • Charity shops are great places for finding all sorts of things like books, clothes, games, ornaments and loads of other things. Why not take a look next time you are in town? If you buy something you are recycling it plus giving the charities some needed money. You can even recycle your own things so why not see what you have in the loft?

I could go on and on with different ways in which one can be frugal in and around the home. If you have any ideas yourself why not share them here?

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