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Everyone wants their own web presence nowadays with their own website. Whether it’s a blog to put the world to rights, show off their photographic skills or sell something, having your own website can get yourself out there on the World Wide Web.

No Bells and Whistles

You don’t need to purchase web space complete with all the bells and whistles if you only want to spread your word. A simple bit of kit which is free will suffice, and if you look around online you will find it everywhere. I am talking about blogging software which is free from companies like WordPress and Google. They each have their own services which are free to use provided you stay within their terms and conditions. You get access to an admin page where you can add all sorts of widgets and plugins from clocks and calendars, to visitor counts, your latest Tweets, even links to your Facebook page. There are themes galore for you to brighten up your work of art and also a chance for you to change some parts of the theme should you wish.

WordPress. So much FunctionalityThe logo of the blogging software WordPress.

WordPress originally started off life as blogging software but has quickly grown up in such a way that people are now downloading it and using it to use on their paid for websites and using it to sell themselves and their wares. It’s very flexible and easy to install with great security measures, and has probably overtaken PHP Nuke in the website software stakes.

Take the Strain

If you must have an all singing and dancing website then there are usually software

programs which take the strain of installing the sort of software you require like WordPress. One such program is called Fantastico. With it one can easily install software in just a few mouse clicks. It is really useful as it can seem like a minefield when you are confronted with a control panel that’s filled with all sorts of buttons from FTP Manager to Raw Access Logs. The only downside to software like this is you might not always install the latest most stable copy of the software. This is dangerous as hackers can gain access to your website and create havoc inside it, even locking you out, so if you do want to use this kind of software, make sure the software you are installing with it is the most recent version. Other choices a beginner might be presented with include site builders. They use their own software which includes everything one needs to start up a web presence including many different themes, buttons and widgets for you to play with. Just make sure you have a very strong password when using this type of software so

that it’s difficult for unscrupulous people to gain access.

A Web Presence to be Proud Of

If you are after a simple web presence then it really does pay to look at WordPress or Google’s BlogSpot. They are free and will suit most people’s needs, are fun and easy to use with the end result being a great bit of web space you can call your own. If you do want a bells and whistles website then there is software included that can install website software for you. It might not be the most stable or up to date so use with caution. But don’t let that spoil it for you and your little bit of the internet.



If you do want help with installing software like WordPress (or others) then do get in touch. I will have you up and running with you’re very own bit of the internet in no time at all.

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