My latest book Anthony’s Frugal Cookbook is now available to purchase. It covers everything one wants and needs when living frugal on a budget. Money saving tips on how to shop, what to do before and when shopping, and what to shop for are all included, along with budget planning pages which have meal planners and shopping lists one can print out and reuse again and again.

Included in my book Anthony’s Frugal Cookbook are 88 simple to understand, easy to make delicious recipes. Quick and easy dinner recipes like Chicken Dinner, Cheese and Onion Pie, Sausage Casserole and

Scottish Tart are included, plus delightful delicious treats like Milk Chocolate Tart, Apple Pie, Bakewell Tart and Chorley Cakes. If you want to bake some traditional cakes and buns I have included classics like The Easter Cake from Germany, Semla Buns from Sweden and of course our very own Simnel Cake.

Halloween or Bonfire night won’t be the same unless you make the drinks and foods in my book. I include such drinks as Bloody Entrails Smoothie. How about Corn Chips with Bloody Snot Dip? These and more are included for you to try out and serve on those special nights.

This 81 page recipe book is on sale now for the small price of £2. £2 for 88 recipes that are sure to get you back into the kitchen and cook proper meals instead of premade. Many pages of hints, tips and how to’s for you to try out which have been written to save you money and shop without the headache that usually goes with it. £2 that’s all, not much to part with is it? Plus you have the added bonus of saving money, cooking proper meals and keeping the family fed. You can’t buy that for £2 now can you?

Click HERE to grab my book Anthony’s Frugal Cookbook.