Facebook have introduced a new feature in you’re Privacy Settings called Facial Recognition Feature. What that is is it looks for pictures with you in them then suggests to your friends they tag you in them. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want ANY pictures of me being tagged by anyone, unless I say so!!

You can, if you want disable this feature.

1: Go to your Privacy Setting’s under Account on the top right of your Facebook page.










2: Next you will be shown the settings you have on Facebook. You need to click on the Customise Settings link underneath.

3: Now go down to the bit where it says Suggest Photos Of Me To Friends and click the box at the side. Click disable or whatever setting you want.


While you are there why not disable the Friends Can Check Me Into Places feature? Basically that will allow you or other people tag where you are. So if you are in a place you shouldn’t be then it’s best to disable it, I know I have!

And there you have it, now when people want to tag you they will have to do it manually. As for where you are, well if you should be working but sat in a bar it might be best to disable it!