If you are looking for software for your computer where do you look? The mall, local store or that little computer shop down the road? Did you know there’s another place you can look? A place that you will most probably use every day, is gaining in popularity worldwide and in particular when one wants software? I am talking about looking online and free software. Free computer software is fast becoming more readily available, is as good as or better than most major branded commercial software that will cost you a mint to purchase, and of course is free.

Well believe it or not there is tons of software out there in cyber space with a lot of it for free. Programs from anti-virus to Office, email clients to internet browsers, you will find it all online and free.

If you go to the local computer store and look at the shelves it seems that no matter what program you are looking for it’s on the shelves, but at a price. One can pay a fortune if you want the latest anti-virus program or that Office suite from major manufacturers, and coupled with heavy advertising most people will readily spend their hard earned cash on a piece of software without thinking twice.

Think Twice, Think Cheap

Now, if you did think twice and looked online you will find software that can be equally as good or even better for free. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about illegally downloading the latest software, instead the software is from smaller companies or even individuals who want to give people a chance to own good quality software that will do the job like a major branded piece of software.

But, I hear you say major branded commercial software is better than free right? Wrong. Just because it’s free it doesn’t mean that the software is rubbish, quite the opposite in many cases. Many programs that are free are kept up to date on a regular basis. You will find that most of this free software will be compatible with your computer, whereas some branded software won’t or may cause problems. Many free Office programs are also compatible with major branded Office software. They will allow you to open those documents you have saved in many different formats unlike some branded software which will only allow you to open their own formats.

So Much on Offer

So what is available online for free? Well the list and possibilities are endless, but some of the popular choices are photographic and computer fixes, backup and clean-up software, even games, screensavers and themes are available, all you have to do is search.

Talking of searching, looking for this free software couldn’t be easier. There are some very reliable websites that have been around for years which give you the chance of owning this type of software. Many smaller companies and independent programmers are now offering their software on their own websites and blogs. This in turn allows people who have tried the software to leave remarks and comments, meaning you can read if the software is good or reliable before downloading. All you have to do is search using your favourite search engine and browse the results at your own pace and time.

So next time you are in the market for software don’t go to the local mall until you have checked for free software online. You will be surprised at the choice available and will probably find what you are looking for. Sure you won’t always get a box or written help guides, instead you can read the guides or Wiki’s online and maybe print them out if needed. Not having guides, boxes and other paraphernalia saves on the garbage you throw away and that means less trees cut down. There are two other things that are certain. It will save you money and time as you no longer need to go to the mall.

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