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Sometimes just going to the local store and picking the first computer one sees, hoping it will do all you require it to do won’t suffice, and the chances are you will need to mod or upgrade a computer. Upgrading a computer can involve replacing the standard video card, memory and CPU if they won’t run the latest games or many of the high performance pieces of software available on today’s market. So when you do buy a pc off the shelf upgrading at the same time is a good idea.


What if you already have a computer and you want to upgrade that? Well there are options galore from a computer CPU upgrade, memory and graphics card as mentioned above, even a nice new case like those lovely modded cases that glow in the dark can be classed as computer upgrading.

clip_image002Why should you need a pc upgrade? Well when buying a branded computer many manufacturers will make a bulk standard pc which will serve most people’s needs whether it’s for the internet or using programs like office, playing games or movie editing. So if you want something a little more powerful you either go to an independent computer shop and get them to

A hard drve cooler will keep your hard drive cool and prolong it’s life.

build one for you to your specifications, or you purchase the pc off the shelf and upgrades at the same time then do the job yourself. Many major manufacturers now allow you to upgrade the computer so long as you do not damage it, by that I mean damage the motherboard or other parts as you will void any warranty.

If you already have a pc then upgrading will mean it will probably run better and faster, run the latest software products and games and be an all-round more high performance pc compared to the old one you had before, oh and you are being kind on the environment in not throwing away the old computer, rather upgrading it.

clip_image003Have you seen those jazzy cases with lights inside? Those green, red and blue light tubes that light up the inside of the case showing off all the neat cables which have UV ends. When the UV lights are switched on they give the inside of the case a wonderful glow especially in the dark. What about those cables too that light up when a UV light is shone on them? When done proper these cases look magical and you end up spending more time looking inside the case then you do looking at the monitor, well I did anyway when I first modded mine! But they are easy to do. You may have to purchase another case, one with a transparent side panel then transfer everything from the old to the new case. If one is not so sure then the local friendly computer shop will come in handy or maybe a relative who is computer savvy.

But it’s not just under the cover that one can upgrade or accessorize. Things like a better keyboard and mouse can be important in today’s computer age, plus the keyboard and mouse one gets with computers don’t tend to be very good do they? As they do most of the work, having a good quality board and mouse is important. Even speakers are no longer luxuries in today’s computer household. With Social Networking and the chance to stream music and video via the internet into your home, a good quality set of speakers is now a necessity whether a twin set at the side of the monitor or the multimedia speaker systems that allow one to hear even the tiniest of noises all around the house.

Have you thought about a printer? What about an all in one printer? What they will give the user is invaluable especially if one works from home. An all in one printer now gives the user the ability to not only print but copy and scan meaning an end to a scanner and copy machine in the home or office, and they are very cheap to purchase.

As one can see upgrading or modding a computer can be done and in most cases it’s easy to do, you only require minimal expertise at best. Even adding keyboards and mice to a system can make a big difference. They now make life easier as these have become multimedia objects that will do everything from opening a Word doc to playing Spotify and iTunes by pressing 1 button. One word of caution. If you intend to upgrade that new branded PC or any PC you brought from a shop make sure you won’t void the warranty. As mentioned above most will let you upgrade but it’s worth checking first.

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