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As more and more of us go online it also seems there are more and more unscrupulous people who are out to get everything they can from you. That includes bank details, your identity and of course your passwords.

It’s a fact of life now when we go onto a website that if we want to participate we have to sign up meaning creating a username and password. This is where we all fall down and leave ourselves open to these people who want our information. What I am talking about is the use of passwords and the fact that most of us use the same one for every website, forum and social networking site we frequent.

So what should we do to make it impossible for anyone to get our details?

It’s quite simple really. NEVER ever use the same password for more than one website. I know many of us go to tens or even hundreds of websites every day and we need to put our details in every time, and to be honest it gets a little monotonous and annoying, but that’s what these scammers and hackers want. You see if you use the same password all the time then anyone who does get hold of your details has an easy time taking over your identity, and that means they can post, purchase and do pretty much what they want as the password is the same.

I know its tedious inputting different passwords every time we want to go to our favourite websites, and another problem is remembering them all too. But it is important to have different ones and there are ways in which you can make your life easier online.

Before we go into storing all those passwords we need to know how and where you can make a password, how to make one up, how many characters it should have and what NOT to use.

Where can you make a Password?

Well if, like me you struggle to think of a password when you are signing up to a website there are a few other things you can use. One is a website which has a small piece of software on it that allows you to create a password. Another step is to download a free copy of a password generator. Look online and you will see that there are pages of online or desktop password generators available so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something.

Making a Password Up

The ideal number of characters in a password is between 12 and 14 characters long. When making a password it’s always advisable to use numbers and letters including UPPER and lower case, special characters’ like slashes and other symbols on the keyboard.

What NOT to Use

It is not advisable to use things like a date of birth, favourite football teams, pet names or any other piece of information easily available to everyone. Social security or National Insurance number? Forget it. All that does is give the hacker even more information as he now has your SSN. The password you generate should also be easy to remember, easier said than done I know when you have one which has so many different characters.

Storing that all Important Data

Once you have different passwords for all those favourite websites, blogs, forums and social networking websites how can you remember them all? Well unless you have a photographic memory that could be a problem but help is at hand.

Look online and do a search for something like “storing different passwords” and you will be immediately shown lots of websites that offer you software which will remember all your passwords inside one program. All you have to do then is remember the master password so you can get to the passwords. Some of these programs are free so it pays to take some time and choose one you feel comfortable with, and read any comments other users have left if there are any.

Using different passwords for all those websites you frequent is a must. Yes it does get annoying having to remember them all then input them into the password box. But in the end it can save you from being taken over from some of these nasty people that only want to take from you what they can. Help is at hand too in order for you to store all the passwords so to be honest there is no excuse is there?

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