Me in MalmoHello and welcome to my little bit of the internet. My name is Anthony and I am a writer, author, nature lover, environmentalist, frugalist, father of 4 and grand father to 6.

I use my own and a pen name when writing which is Wayne Anthony. Together we have written countless articles, reviews, e-books and other things for ourselves and others. I have been writing for as long as I can remember but not fulltime until 2006  when I took redundancy and started off on the long road of writing.

Before going solo I wrote on a regular basis, whether short stories which I would read to my kids, other stories, articles and blog posts. People used to tell me how much they enjoyed my writing and that I should make a career out of it, so when redundancies came up at work I took it and have been writing ever since.

Before I go further I wanted to tell you all that I suffer from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Being a veteran and having 2 tours of N. Ireland under my belt seems to have taken its toll on my head, but I am determined to beat it. Help from a therapist, tablets and myself through my writing means I have many more good days than bad now.

If you look around this site you will notice that PTSD hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for writing. I have written many good articles and books on various subjects from cooking/baking to technology and gardening. I intend to carry that on with many great, useful articles and post them online along with continuing to write for my clients. Many of my clients are repeat customers who use me time and again. They know I produce quality, professional work for them which is always on time, they are not concerned about me having PTSD either.

Anyway here’s a little bit more about me:

Me in malmo

A varied and interesting career has seen me do a variety of jobs including security officer, stock control jobs, the British Army and the newspaper industry. Since 2006 I have been running my own company called Wayne Anthony where I am a freelance writer.
I love this type of work, it means I get to write for a whole host of different people and companies each wanting something different and that is what I like, the variety. I can set my own hours and days that I work but always find I never stick to that and if someone wants something then I will write it no matter if I am supposed to be having a day to myself.

I love to travel and spend my time in between the UK, Sweden and Germany. In Sweden I spend time in a 300 year old house which is in dire need of renovating so I do that when I can.

I am a keen gardener and I love to grow my own vegetables, I also enjoy walking, computers, the environment oh and writing and reading!

I am English and was brought up in the North West of England. I was born on the 27th December 1965 to my dad, Dennis who was a bricklayer and my mum, Jean who worked in the nearby cotton mill.
I loved my early years, so much to see and explore around me and my dad saw to it that I took an interest in the wildlife around me. That has stood the test of time and even now I love wildlife of all sorts and in winter make sure our feathered friends are well fed, in fact some days they are better fed than me!
I loved school (but have never wanted to go back like most people do!) and in particular English. I loved to write short stories and read books but after leaving school I put all that knowledge to one side and took whatever work I could. As I said earlier I have worked in many different environments until in 2006 I decided to go it alone and freelance.

And that is what I am doing now, a freelance writer and author. I have written a few e-books and handbooks which are available from my website HERE. I am in the middle of writing another book and have plans for a follow-up, plus a couple of other books which are at the early stages, so stay tuned.

I am available for any type of writing and will write anything from autobiographies to website content. I am comfortable writing in either UK or US English and will write about almost any topic. If you have any projects that require a professional writer then get in touch.

You can find my website HERE.

I love to write all sorts of different things on different subjects including stories in the erotic niche. Why not get in touch and let me write for you?