Facebook have introduced a new feature in you’re Privacy Settings called Facial Recognition Feature. What that is is it looks for pictures with you in them then suggests to your friends they tag you in them. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want ANY pictures of me being tagged by anyone, unless I say so!!

You can, if you want disable this feature.

1: Go to your Privacy Setting’s under Account on the top right of your Facebook page.










2: Next you will be shown the settings you have on Facebook. You need to click on the Customise Settings link underneath.

3: Now go down to the bit where it says Suggest Photos Of Me To Friends and click the box at the side. Click disable or whatever setting you want.


While you are there why not disable the Friends Can Check Me Into Places feature? Basically that will allow you or other people tag where you are. So if you are in a place you shouldn’t be then it’s best to disable it, I know I have!

And there you have it, now when people want to tag you they will have to do it manually. As for where you are, well if you should be working but sat in a bar it might be best to disable it!

Here’s another list I use, The Shopping List. If you want to use it to print it out, just click on the image and it will open up. It’s a .pdf too so you will need Adobe Reader.

The list I use for shopping

Frugal shopping starts with a list. That’s important so you know what you need before you go and shop. How many times have you gone shopping and just put everything you see into the basket? I know I have in the past, that’s why now I use this list. You can even price the items up online as most supermarkets have their own websites now, I know I do and that’s what the small column is for.

It seems everyone owns a digital camera or Smartphone capable of taking high quality pictures. Sometimes the pictures you have might need resizing especially if you are submitting them to forums. Finding the right software to do the job of resizing can be laborious and expensive if you decide to buy a product. But before you do purchase or

scour the internet check out this FREE Microsoft PowerToy that’s just the ticket when you need to resize those pics. The add-on is available to anyone who uses Microsoft OS (Operating System)

If you are Using XP

  • Use your favourite search engine and search for “Microsoft image resizer for XP.” At the top of the first page you will have a link to a Microsoft page. Follow the links until you find the “Image Resizer” download.
  • Download the program then install it. Once installed all you need to do to resize your pictures is Right Click on the image then scroll down to the Image Resizer tab.

A box will then appear giving you lots of different options for resizing your pictures.

As you can see from the image you have lots of choice and even a custom field where you can input the sizes yourself. The program also allows you to resize the original image or create a copy. This is great if you don’t want to resize the original.

If you are Using Vista/Win7

  • There’s also a cloned version of this PowerToy for Win7and Vista users.
  • Again search for “Image Resizer,” and the link for the PowerToy Clone will be on the first page. Follow the links and download before installing.
  • The procedure is exactly the same for Win7/Vista users as it is for XP users. The interface is almost the same too although the sizes you are presented with are a little different.

And there you have it, a simple Image Resizer that’s great for anyone using XP, Vista or Win7. Best of all it’s totally free so go get it.

Carry On Henry

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I am old enough to both love and enjoy the Carry On films. They starred some of the greats of yesteryear like Sid James, along with up and coming actors and actresses like Barbara Windsor. Their slapstick “British” humour and style of comedy was a great attraction every time a film was released. Even though the films had been made since the late 1950’s it wasn’t until the 1980’s when I started to watch and admire them, oh and laugh.

In total 31 Carry On films where made between 1958 and 1992 with Carry on Columbus being the last and probably least favourite amongst Carry On fans, except me! I know the film is rather silly (ain’t Carry On supposed to be silly?) but I loved it. It also starred an actor people in the US will know as the voice of Harry Potter. He has recorded all 7 books of the favourite series for the American market and has even won awards for them. He first made his Carry On appearance in Carry on Cabby and has been in a few of the films since including a favourite of mine, Carry on Screaming!! The other favourite of mine is Sid James. Sid was a master of the film industry and could turn his hand to any type of acting. My first encounter with him was when he was in the series Bless This House. In it he played a father to 2 “Dippy” university kids who were also Eco-warriors and members of the CND! I love that series and try to watch it when it’s on TV. Sid starred in 19 films including Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head, Carry on Henry and Carry on Dick. All these films are favourites of mine especially Don’t Lose Your Head where he plays alongside Jim Dale as Sir Rodney Ffing and his best friend, Lord Darcy Pue. Set during the French Revolution, they both travel to France to save people from the Guillotine, with disastrous results. Not for them 2 but Kenneth Williams (Citizen Camembert) and his lackey, Citizen Bidet played by Peter Butterworth!

These films are brilliant and I’m sure every Brit has watched at least 1. They have stood the test of time, in my eyes anyway and are a regular feature on TV. I never stop laughing and many times see and hear things I hadn’t done before.

Other Actors/Actresses to star in the Carry On films were:

Kenneth Williams
Joan Sims
Charles Hawtrey
Sid James
Kenneth Connor
Peter Butterworth
Bernard Bresslaw
Hattie Jacques
Jim Dale
Jack Douglas
Terry Scott

Many more helped to make these films some of the best in British Comedy and I recommend everyone to see 1, you won’t regret it!!!


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Today it’s Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday and I hope you are all going to be having pancakes tonight for tea!

But did you know that only 1 in 10 of us will make our own pancake batter this Pancake Day?

Now I don’t have a problem with all that pre-made rubb……but surely just this once you could all go out buy a small bag of flour, a few eggs and a carton of milk then make your own lovely and delicious tasting pancakes?

Go on, you know you want to!!!

Unlit filtered cigarettesI don’t have any bad habits unless you listen to the other half. Then I have only 1 bad fault, apart from being a British snail (I do everything slowly she says!) Well that habit is quite a bad habit, even I would agree with that but quitting smoking is just hard work.A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the ...



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Yes I smoke much to the disdain of the better half. I smoke about 15-20 a day and have been smoking since I was 16, I am 40 cough, cough, something now. I know it’s a bad, filthy habit BUT stopping is really difficult. I have tried pretty much everything from the gum, patches and the inhalers all have done squat in helping me quit. Then at the other end of the spectrum hypnosis, acupuncture and pure will power alone have done little or nothing in helping me fight this one demon I desperately want to get rid of. In fact the last time I tried to quit using will power my now x brought me a pack of cigarettes and threw them at me.

i quit!

Image by stallio via Flickr

“If you don’t start smoking again I will leave you.” She said looking at me like she really would. Wish I hadn’t smoked now, maybe we would have done it sooner!!!

I have even tried Champix from the doctors. The first time they were great and I “almost” quit. (Yes I know not good enough) But sadly the 2nd time I tried them they had no effect on me whatsoever and have now stopped taking them. They are good though and I recommend you going to see your GP and ask for them.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. Those gremlins inside you head start knawing away at your mind telling you you need a smoke. Try to ignore them at your peril too. They then start a more aggressive campaign to get that small white cancerous stick into your mouth and pollute your body and mind with that toxic smoke. In the end sweat appears on your brow and no matter what you are doing nothing can remove those thoughts from your mind. The thoughts those horrible gremlins firmly implanted into every nook and cranny of a now desperate mind. The thoughts of lighting up another cigarette.

Just 1 more, PLEASE!!!


When you smoke a cigarette you are inhaling 4000 different chemicals including tar, Lit cigaretteammonia, benzene and carbon monoxide plus over 50 other toxic chemicals which are known to cause cancer! Wow that’s some serous stuff inside 1 cigarette. Knowing all that does it help you to quit? Knowing just 1 cigarette can kill you will it deter you or force you to say enough is enough, no more? No me neither.

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...You see smoking is addictive, very, very addictive. So much more addictive than, say taking some of the very bad drugs that seem to be freely available on the streets right now. Just 1 puff on a cigarette can lead you into the murky depths of a smoking career that can last until. Well they finally kill you. And they will

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in the end no doubt about that.

No matter what we are told about smoking, from the harmful effects it has on our bodies, the early deaths, the strain on our Health Service to the fact it’s just unsocial, we AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 19:  Zack Neil...smokers still smoke.

Well No Smoking Day is on Wednesday the 9th of March, that’s a couple of days from now. I WILL try and quit once more. I will quit because I do want to see my kids and grandkids grow up to old age. I want to have a fit and

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

healthy middle aged body. I want to save money so me and the little demon can go on trips around Europe. And, most of all I will quit because I WANT TO QUIT.

Oh and if I don’t SHE WILL KILL ME!!!

Now I am telling that to the 4 odd billion internet users out there that I will try to quit smoking. Wow now I will have to quit! Anybody with me??? Ahhh you chickens, lets quit together.

Just 1 other thing. If you live within 100 miles of me I would move now. Might get messy for a while!!!

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We all want linkbacks to our websites and blogs, I know I really do, but what is starting to bug is this.

People are trying to place their own links on my posts BUT not leaving any comments, just the link back to their website.

Well I have news for all you who try that. DON’T.

I really don’t mind placing a link back to your website or blog BUT only if you also post a comment on my posts. AND I mean a comment that has something to do with the post in question. Some of you are leaving links and then posting total garbage so that too will be deleted.

Basically if you want a link back to your website then by all means post it BUT also post a relevant comment on my posts because if you don’t I will delete it before it goes live.

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